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Hi friends!

Philmont has recently been docked at home from an awesome week in Florida. We had some interesting but great shows. Met some great new people and got some sweet new tans. Well they are slowly fading, our tans, not our new friends… One of the coolest and unsuspecting shows was inside of a movie theatre right below the big screen. We were all in a frenzy to set gear and sound and it was cutting close to show time and we looked outside the doors and the line was surprisingly long. It turned out to be a small, cramped but awesome show. Thanks to all who came out!

This blog is taking me forever because im distracted by my new love of The History Channel’s “Pawn Stars”. I stinkin’ love it for some reason. Ill probably own the entire series one day. It makes me want to collect old valuable junk. Then you’ll see me on A&E’s ” Hoarders”.

Well in a few days we play Josiah’s old highschool which means kids are going to pick on our clothes and put us in lockers. So wish us luck!!

Have a great week Folks!




  1. awww you guys are WAY too cool to get picked on! haha! 🙂 Praying for you guys! hope you have an awesome show!

  2. Whoah, that’s my school…some teachers have already talked about justin too…well cya when ya get here.

  3. I meant josiah…:P It’s 11:48pm

  4. Hahah I love ‘I stinkin’ love it’ xD

  5. @ lisettefranken

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