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So after three days, which not much to do but read, I finished the classic novel “Lord of the Flies”. I had remembered reading this book sometime during my former schooling and enjoying it so I wanted to revisit the story to see if it stood the test of time. While I did enjoy the book I ran into one huge problem…I remembered most of the story. I’ve never been the kinda guy that watches movies twice (unless we’re talking Forrest Gump or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) because I already know how it’s going to end.
While revisiting the book I was on a second mission though. I had heard that the creators of LOST were big fans of the novel so I wanted to keep an eye out for similarities between the book and the TV series. Here’s what I found:

-Both had a leader-type character named Jack.
-Both were set on an island (with a smaller island off the shore).
-Both referred to a group of people on the island as “the others”.
-Both had the presents of a “Monster” (real or imaginary).
-Both start with a plan crash (and a questionably miraculous survival rate).
-Both have a fascination with hunting pigs.
-Both have characters who end up hearing voices.
-Both have someone parachute onto the island.

Nothing super profound- but similarities all the same!

So yesterday I posted a Twitter contest (mostly out of boredom) where I asked followers to @ reply us with a random picture taken with their phone. There were some great entries! There were about 50 in all so I narrowed it down to a select few for you guys to vote on right here at the blog.
Look at the picture below then comment on this blog the Twitter username who you think should win our special prize!
You can vote once and you can select 2 winners!
If one of these pictures is yours, be sure to route your friends here to vote for you!

That’s it for me, enjoy!


Tweet me @ScottyMcTaube



  1. @ZachariahZiese

  2. I like Hi_of_75’s picture!!!

  3. @high_of_75

  4. @hurrikahnegirl

  5. @ZachariahZiese cuz he is so awesome… and he is me

  6. I choose @Bleuorchid_ and @Lisettefranken to win!! All the pictures are GOOD!

  7. Jacobsonlv for sureeee!!!!

  8. @HurrikahneGirl

  9. @Cosmicmuffin67

  10. Jacobsonlv!!


  12. @cosmicmuffin67 (:

  13. i vote for JACOBSONLV

  14. @Bleuorchid_ and @ciarasouce to win!!! There all pretty good!

  15. @ZachariahZiese! FINE, I won’t pee on the flowers anymore… 🙂

  16. @ZachariahZiese
    weird picture

  17. @ZachariahZiese

  18. I vote for uniquemomof5, and not just cuz she’s my mom haha

  19. I vote for @uniquemomof5 because she rocks!!!!

  20. i vote foe @uniquemomof5 and @high_of_75

  21. uniquemomof5 :o)

  22. @ZachariahZiese

  23. I VOTE FOR UNIQUEMOMOF5 becuz she rocks. “

  24. @cosmicmuffin67

  25. I vote for @uniquemomof5 because (let’s face it) she roooocks!

  26. @chantelHill

  27. @ChantelHill & @ciarasouce

  28. @JACOBSONLV gets my vote.




  32. I vote for Lisette Franken (cause the pic is awesome/weird xD)
    And for LaurensKILLER (cause that’s my pic, with my girlfriend on it!)

  33. @LisetteFranken & @LaurensKILLER Suprising huh =]

  34. @LaurensKILLER

  35. I vote for @uniquemomof5!

  36. I vote @lisettefranken

  37. @ lisettefranken & @LaurensKILLER

  38. @lisettefranken

  39. @lisettefranken & @LaurensKILLER

  40. @ lisettefranken & @LaurensKILLER

  41. @laurensKILLER and @lisettefranken ofcourse!!

  42. LaurensKILLER

  43. I vote for UNIQUEMOMOF5 becuz she rocks

  44. vote for UNIQUEMOMOF5,she rocks.

  45. UNIQUEMOMOF5,she rocks

  46. @LaurensKILLER

    Let’s go Dutch xD

  47. i like dutch

  48. @lisettefranken & @laurensKILLER

  49. Wow- 490 blog views and almost 50 comments? I’d say we’ve got some first-time visitors here! If you’re just swinging by to support a friend’s picture know this— This is the band’s official blog. We post about 4 a week about all types of random stuff. You should bookmark this page and check back every now and again!
    Also follow us on twitter: @PhilmontRock to stay up to date on new posts, shows and to be a part of our next twitter contest!

  50. @Philmont: Until when can people vote?

  51. @lisettefranken & @laurensKILLER

  52. @laurensKILLER & @lisettefranken

  53. @LaurensKILLER

    Holland FTW

  54. Vote for uniquemomof5 as Abby is to cute

  55. @laurensKILLER

  56. @laurensKILLER

  57. ‘i vote for laurensKILLER

    jwtt =D

  58. @saratarango 🙂

  59. @saratarango 🙂

  60. laurensKILLER ?

  61. I vote for LaurensKiller ! ;D
    he’s amazing (:

  62. you’re all missing the best picture of all… it’s including mickey mouse :O LaurensKiller is the best, no doubt!

  63. I’m voting for LaurensKILLER!
    yorick G in da house!

  64. Ik stem voor LaurensKILLER


  65. LaurensKILLER
    for sure:D

  66. @laurensKILLER

  67. i vote for LaurensKiller. u should vote for him too =]

  68. jacobsonlv Hope you win Jake!

  69. JACOBSONLV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. @jacobsonlv

  71. JACOBSONLV!~!!

  72. voting 4 JACOBSONLV

  73. ECS votes for @hurrikahnegirl! WootWoot!

  74. @hurrikahnegirl!

  75. Definately, hurrikahnegirl!

  76. If all of ECS is voting for @hurrikahnegirl than that’s like a thousand voted right there! She’s awesome!

  77. @hurrikahnegirl, alllll theeeee wayyyyy!

  78. Until when can people vote?!

  79. @laurensKILLER


  81. i vote for jacobsonlv!

  82. JACOBSONLV!!!!! most def..


  84. 1)Jacobsonlv


  85. @JACOBSONLV no doubt!


  87. HurrikahneGirl!

  88. lisettefranken

  89. @LaurensKILLER, cause he is a good guy..

  90. @LaurensKILLER

  91. @ lisettefranken
    @ LaurensKILLER

  92. @ lisettefranken & @LaurensKILLER

  93. @ lisettefranken & @LaurensKILLER

  94. @jacobsonlv SON!

  95. hurrikahnegirl

    • TheonethingIhaveleft
    • Posted January 27, 2010 at 6:52 AM
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  96. @ lisettefranken
    For sure.

  97. My sister..

  98. Lisette absoluut. Amsterdam was gezellig toen..


  99. My Sisss..

  100. dan zal ik ook maar even op mijn dochter stemmen hea. Dan houd ze op met zeuren…

  101. I vote for @uniquemomof5 and @izzygirlshines
    all great pics though! ♥

  102. @elleldee

  103. @elleldee

    and p.s. that lost connection is deep! I read lord of the flies, and I watch lost religiously…never noticed it!

  104. Who have won?!

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