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Please continue to pray for Haiti as there was yet another earthquake (an aftershock with a 6.1 magnitude) this morning around 6am. This was the most powerful aftershock yet and managed to shake even more buildings and rubble loose causing more devastation. It is estimated that over 200,000 have been killed from last week’s initial earthquake and over 1.5 million are now homeless.

What you can do:

Apple added a page for making donations to Haiti relief efforts to the iTunes Store on Monday. The company pledged that 100% of donations made through iTunes will go to the American Red Cross. The donations are added directly through your itunes account so the amount given will go through just like any other itunes purchase. The image to the left is a direct link to the itunes page.

The Migration Escape Tour was a success. I can now check “play a rock show after a high school basketball game” and “play a rock show inside a movie theatre” off of my life goals check list. Unique venues but good times. However, the best time we had this week was with the BMUMC youth group in Tavernier, FL (in the Florida keys). I didn’t even realize later until I looked at a map how far below mainland Florida we actually we were. Mind blown. Anyway, our wonderful hosts took us out on their boats and we had a wonderful afternoon at sea. Which I’m sure you’re thinking, “But it’s January! That could not have been fun, Todd.” Nonsense. The weather was just as lovely as any summer afternoon. It was wild being out on a boat soaking up the warm rays when days before we had left from frigid Charlotte, NC. Though the water was still rather cold that didn’t stop some of us from jumping in the ocean and enjoying some tubing. The environment was so opposite of what we’re used to back in NC. We felt like such tourists when we’d freak out over seeing wild iguanas, dolphins, manatees, and even a crocodile! Yet these animals were just the normal wildlife that our new friends were accustomed to seeing everyday. I think they were getting a kick out of our reactions to everything seen. Such a cool place to live and we were thrilled to have been able to visit. Special thanks to our new friends in Miami as well for showing us around town for the afternoon a few days before our visit to the keys.

Now that we’re back home, we’re going to have some time to regain some energy and nurse our sunburns. That’s all for me today. I’ll leave you know with today’s web clip, which is inspired by an activity I enjoy on my time off, rock climbing. Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!

your friend,



  1. Thought you might enjoy this video!

  2. Hey Philmont!!! I’m a beginner fan , i guess you’d say. Anyways my friend introduced me to ya’ll not long ago and I have to say I’ve been listening to your music ever since!! I’ve also got ALL my friends hooked too!! I think ya’ll are EXTREMELY AWESOME and I’ve watched all ur videos and listen to ALL your songs!! Sadly, i have’nt been able to go to any of your concerts yet 😦 Its me and my friends top goal to go to one of ur concerts and I can’t wait!! WERE HUGE FANS and music lovers!! i play bass and keyboard and so does she,( but she plays bass better than me and i play keyboard WAY better than her, but im workin on that and well shes kinda given up on the keyboard 🙂 ) i’ve been trying to learn drums too but thas a process!! LOVE U GUYS AND JUST WANTED TO SAY U GOT A NEW FAN ON UR SIDE :)- srry for the long comment.

  3. @ lisettefranken & @LaurensKILLER

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