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*Note, this blog was written a couple days ago then sat on once my phone decided it didn’t want to post it!

Being a young rock band that’s fairly new to the scene, we often times find ourselves playing shows in places that one would not typically consider a concert venue. We’ve packed our gear into garages to rock birthday parties, lifted everything atop a flat-bed truck and used it as a stage, even once played in a pool that was (once upon a time) used for testing a ships ability to break through ice! This week’s string of shows was no exception. Last night’s show was blasted from the front of a movie theatre (while movies were going on next door). Take that New Moon! Now don’t get me wrong. While some of these settings are not the most adequate rock venues, they often end up being the best shows. Take last night for example. It ended up being Philmont’s first ever sold out show! They had to turn a couple of people away at the door! (sorry guys). Was it small-yes, was it warm- oh yes, was it strange- you bet, but was it rock ‘n roll- absolutely!
(So why title the blog “Batter Up”? I’m getting there!)

In keeping with the trend of #ThisIsTheLastPlaceYouWouldExpectToFindAConcert we were the post-game entertainment for the Clewiston Tiger’s basketball game on Friday night.

Yep, we set up a stage in the far end of the gym. And as if playing music in a gym didn’t already make it sound like a cave, there were bats…lots of bats!
About 20-30 of them huddled in the corner of the rafters just a squeeking away! Every so often one would break loose from the pack and dive-bomb players and fans- quite entertaining!
At the end of the night our load out became frantic when the custodian informed us that the lights were on a timer and wouldn’t stay on for much longer. Images of hundreds of bats swooping down in the dark to carry away the smallest of us (bye, bye Britt) filled our heads and gave us a boost of energy to get out quickly.
One disoriented little fella ran into a speaker and landed in front of the stage. We scooped him up on a plate and, resisting our desire to keep him as a band pet/mascot, freed him outside where he disappeared into the night sky.


Today is our last show in Florida. We’re goin out with a bang in the Keys tonight! We’re gonna miss this weather almost as much as the people.

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  1. Haha, a bat as a band mascot. That’s pretty great. My friends’ band (Hyland) went to Cali recently and they tried to catch and keep a pelican as a band mascot. Didn’t really work out too well, to say the least… a bat would be much more manageable, as long as you steer clear of the guano. 😉

  2. Rachel- I love Hyland! I actually got chords from one of their songs that they were recording the other day, but I forgot how it goes 😦

    A bat for a band mascot would be epic

  3. Arielle- Haha you mean from the ustream chat? Yeah that would have been “Taking the Scenic Route”… if you heard them say stuff like “Rachel Green is being mean” they were talking about me. We have a great relationship. 😉

    Philmont’s nicer to their fans/friends- they straight up give us the guitar tabs, which is sweet. 🙂

  4. Your welcome!


  5. Best show ever! Everyone thought you guys were awesome and your CD is even better! Sorry about the bats! Its Clewiston! =)

  6. Maybe the bat can keep the wild iguana that Josh tried to catch company and Philmont can have two mascots!

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