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Florida is warm!

So when we are driving around the country in our bus Burnie, we have a driving rotation that consists of 2 ½ (two and a half) hour shifts. Being partial to music, we like to be jamming out to tunes as we are barreling down the interstate for 150 minutes at a time. Burnie is only equipped with radio and cassette, so when we first started using him, we got a cassette adapter for iPods so we could each utilize our personal music collection during our driving shift. Then a few months ago, Burnie’s tape deck mysteriously malfunctioned and has not been able to play cassettes since… So we were stuck with the lame ol’ radio for a few months, which was not fun at all. Then Justin came to our rescue with an iTrip, which hooks up to an iPod and plays it through the radio. Actually, I don’t know why we didn’t just break down and buy one to begin with…but the point is, now we all get to listen to our music again while we drive! Unnecessarily long story I know, but don’t you feel accomplished having read it?

This week is cool because we have 5 shows for 5 days in a row, all in the southermost tip of Florida. We haven’t been on an actual tour in a while, so this is nice. Especially with the highs in the mid-70s most days…

Another recent addition to Burnie is a dry-erase whiteboard that we have attached to the wall by our seats. Now we can play group games like Hangman and Pictionary whenever we like! Which will probably come in handy a lot this trip, since our Xbox 360 is not reading discs right now :/

What do you like to do to pass the time on long trips? Take in the scenery? Sleep? Paper rock scissors? Listen to Philmont? Play with the bobblehead on the dashboard?

Thanks so much to everyone who sent us Christmas cards and gifts! I was really blessed as I read through the stack of thoughtful letters and such.

New CD by Motion City Soundtrack coming out this week. Pretty excited for that.

Let it be known: Josiah Prince is on Team Conan.

Done for now. Thanks for reading! Three songs. Have a great week.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Morning Calls” by Dashboard Confessional

2. “Get By” by High Flight Society

3. “Home” by Vanessa Carlton



  1. Really enjoyed your unnecessarily long story. I honestly thought there was a point for most of it, and it made me laugh when there wasn’t. Maybe that’s because it’s 1:30am. Lol.

    As for long trips… I’m going to Japan in 9 days. I have a 4 hour flight from Minneapolis to San Fran, then a 12 hour flight to Osaka. In other words, I will probably be using all of the afore-mentioned methods of passing time… suffice to say I’m excited for the trip, not for the flight.

    Also: I know you’ve sold records in Japan. I’m sure the people of Japan would love to see you guys play. You guys (correct me if I’m wrong) would probably like to go to Japan. If you came to Japan this spring while I’m there I would be happy happy happy. So, looks like coming to Japan is just an all-around good idea. Let’s make that happen, yes?

    I apologize for the extensively long comment. I’m an English major- I like words. 🙂

  2. Ideas for long car rides: 1.Drinking energy drinks or lots of Dew or coffee. 2.Listening to music you know all the words to and singing as loud as you can. (one of my favorites is singing Children 18:3 and trying to scream like Lee Marie)3. Take LOTS of crazy videos late at night(you could even post them on your blog)pictures work as well 4. Madlibs are fun too. I hope you enjoyed these ideas, And maybe you can use them to come up to Maine and play a show? 😀

  3. I’m absolutely addicted to my PSP, a game called ‘Loco Roco’. It is really useless, you only use the L and R buttons and the story is a bit childish, but it really is addictive. And I love to listen to music, just that, nothing else, or play on my bass or guitar or sing 🙂

  4. question…isnt it “rock paper scissors”?

    We recently went on a trip with our youth group from Wisconsin to Montana to go snowboarding! the drive was 19 hours long and we liked to listen to music(Philmont was a fav), tell lots of jokes 🙂 and we recorded videos of us being random! it was amazing fun! 🙂

  5. Mmm just about anything by High Flight Society is recommendable! Par Avion EP=press repeat! :]

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