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ATTENTION FLORIDIANS – We’re hanging out in the great sunshine state this week and want to see you! If you can make it out to any of these shows then don’t miss this opportunity to rock out with us! It’ll be so much fun it’ll make you wanna slap yo Momma!*

Disclaimer: Philmont does not condone the slapping of anyone’s mother. This is just a figure of speech to express the magnitude of this event.

Wed. 13th – Ft. Meyers, FL
Thu. 14th – Naples, FL
Fri. 15th – Clewiston, FL
Sat. 16th – Homestead, FL
Sun. 17th – Tavernier, FL

Some of the fellas have been in Nashville recently tracking some new demos, and I must say, it’s some good material. Good tunes are on the way, my friends.

So I don’t think I’ve ever shared this on the blog before but I have a routine of staying up to date as much as I can with the current times. Fun fact: I love reading the newspaper. I have to have my newspaper everyday or I feel I’m way behind in what’s happening in the world. Silly, I know. More specifically, I’m accustomed to reading the USA Today seeing as how they are typically in any gas station or hotel, which is convenient on the road. Well today’s newspaper was chock full of interesting things.

-After only 7 months as the host of the Tonight Show on NBC, Conan O’Brien is fighting for his timeslot in order to make way for Jay Leno’s possible return to his old time slot. A possible deal with FOX could be made so that the Tonight Show would air on FOX, ending the show’s 55-year streak on NBC.

-Simon Cowell has announced this will be his last season as a judge on American Idol. Instead he will be bringing the similar, hit British TV show “X Factor” to the States, set to air in 2011.

-In New Jersey, an employee of a chocolate processing plant died after being struck by a paddle used for mixing causing him to fall into a vat of chocolate.

-New developments in airport security are causing an uproar in which possible use of x-ray body scanning machines would detect hidden weapons or explosives on possible terrorists. It would be required that everyone would have to pass through the scanner upon entering the terminal. The downside of this being a huge invasion of privacy due to the scanner’s ability to see straight through clothes and store the images.

-Production of Spiderman 4 is in the works but this time around will not include Tobey Maguire or its original producer for the past three films in the series. Spiderman 4 will be about Peter Parker as a teenager.

-Various cell phone providers are releasing phones equipped with mini projectors that can project personally stored pictures, videos, and even youtube videos from the web onto a nearby wall. This could be the next big craze in cell phones.

This has been your news report with Todd Davis…now for the viral video of the week. “Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog”

Later on,



  1. “Slap yo Momma”…..WHERE DID THEY COME UP WITH THAT….I know it’s a slang expression but…geez….someone musta had some anger issues…. 😉 FL is supposed to be really cold right now. Better pack something a little warmer. Just in case 😉

  2. So, you’re a closet journalist, are you? Well, just to keep “fair and balanced,” you need to include NON mainstream media outlets in your daily dose of “truth.” Some suggestions: World Net Daily (,,,,, and, a fantastic financial site with undisputed data charts, Enjoy the read!

  3. Hey! You guys should totally make a trip closer to Washington state than Cali! 🙂 We love you up here. 🙂

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