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Howdy friends

I admit i forgot to blog last week. This is my first of 2010, so far the world of Philmont has been somewhat busy. Tomorrow morning we set off into the sunrise for a week of shows in Florida. Im super excited to migrate to warmer weather. I hope to see all of our FL friends down there.

So as you can see, a couple of pictures down, that we had yet another tire explosion. We were down to one fender on the trailer, well that one is now long gone somewhere in Missouri. I surely hope it didnt hit anyone when it went flying. So yeah it was cold, still snow on the ground and my hands were dirty for the next 2 hours till we made another stop. Now people, I don’t have any kind of OCD disorder, I don’t believe, but i dislike my hands being dirty, especially when its used tireness all up in my paws.

Well time to get the luggage packed and full of my summer clothes. All I’m going to wear to Florida is swimming trunks and Mickey Mouse ears. (“Mickey Mouse” is A trademark of The Walt Disney Company and Walt disney Inc.) <– just to be safe…

Have a great Week Err' body!!



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  1. Hope the weather is nice :o) and you get to use the shorts !

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