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So tonight we played a show at a battle of the bands in Greensboro, NC. Luckily we did not have to compete or judge- just play a set at the end. I was glad because we have a bad history with these band battles.
Our second show ever was a battle of the bands in Charlotte. There were a couple thousand people there and the show was so fun. The crowd seemed really into it too. Alas, when it came time to announce the winners- we got hosed! The next year we tried again, played a better set and did worse than the year before! I’m pretty sure every band that loses at those things feels like they’ve been cheated.

All that to say- tonight we got to feel like winners…cause we didn’t lose!

Today I signed up for “words with friends” on my iPhone. I’m bummed that I paid $7 for a scrabble app a couple of months ago!
I tweeted my user name and asked people to “brang it on!”
And brang it they did! Within minutes I had 9 games going at once! Happy to say, I’m winning most of them but there’s one chick on there that is totally dragging me through the mud!
Think you can too? Find me and play me! User name is ScottTaube.

Until next week–
Find me on Twitter @ScottyMcTaube

– Posted from my iPhone


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  1. I wished I had an iPhone for the words with friends app. Seems like the whole world is playing these days. The cool thing is that I can play against band members of like Showbread, Pillar, and now even Philmont.

    Maybe someday, maybe someday!

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