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Did everyone have a great Christmas? Sorry for not posting a blog on New Year’s Day. We were en route from Missouri to Texas and I had too many Christmas presents occupying me…

My nice girlfriend got me the Beatles Remastered Box Set (Stereo Edition).

I’ve been listening in chronological order and have gotten up through Revolver thus far. Every album sounds crystal clear and every song has new life breathed into it thanks to the digital age! It is fantastic.

In addition I received Lost DVDs, Scrubs DVDs, PSP games, and the new Glenn Beck book from various family members and such. So I have had a lot to keep me busy during free time! And a lot to distract me from writing cool blogs!

However, I had to put these things aside this week as Scott and I traveled to Nashville to write some songs and record some demos. We essentially worked 16+ hours a day for 3 days straight. Whew. But it paid off in the form of cool new Philmont music! We are slowly building an arsenal of new tunes…

I believe the new season of American Idol begins soon. Did you know it has achieved the highest viewership ratings of any TV show in the U.S. for the past five seasons? Pretty crazy. I wonder how having Ellen DeGeneres as Paula Abdul’s replacement will affect the dynamics of the show…only time will tell…

But my interest in the return of Idol is but a pebble next to the giant four-toed statue of anticipation that I have erected in regards to the final season of (say it with me) LOST!! February 2nd, the premiere date, will be the greatest Groundhog Day ever, regardless of what Punxatawney Phil sees or doesn’t see (eventually that rascal’s gonna be old and blind and won’t be able to tell his shadow from the hole he crawled out of).

Side note: the final season premiere of Lost was nearly ruined by the tentative scheduling of President Obama’s 2010 State of The Union Address during the same time on the same night. Realizing their predicament and potential of angering the American people, the White House decided to leave Feb. 2nd alone. This may be the best decision Barack has made since he was elected! You can read the full story here.

Anyways, this is indeed the new year, and while I don’t really have a resolution per se, I do have a new pair of sunglasses. Except they broke. I need to return them.

I’m starting to think my car won’t last through this winter. It’s been having a hard time getting started after sitting in the bitter cold. Time to look into a private jet…

I had Hardee’s for the first time in a long time today (not sure why, it just kind of happened?) Anyway, their straws are like, perfect. About as perfect as a straw can be, that is. Thick, sturdy, and red. It would enhance every milkshake experience, no doubt. I might just start carrying a Hardee’s straw around with me.

Notice the steady deterioration of continuity and cohesiveness within this post. Yep, time to sign off. Try to figure out the theme of this week’s edition of Three Songs… – Josiah

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “New Years Project” by Further Seems Forever

2. “Jet Black New Year” by Thursday

3. “The New Year” by Death Cab For Cutie



  1. Lost is amazing!
    Hardees is good, and their straws are amazing.
    Death Cab for Cutie is musically awesome and amazing.
    Philmont and Josiah prince are musically even more awesome and more amazing.

    Thanks guys!

  2. Of course American Idol is popular. Idolatry sells. Just lookit the name of the show.

    No Hardee’s in CA. But there ARE Carl’s Jrs (same restaurant-different names)….but their straws aren’t anything special over here. Darn it.

    Looking forward to hearing the new music someday. God bless!

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