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I’m deeply grateful for an iTunes gift card that I got in my stocking which paid for this new blogger app for my phone! You should be grateful too because without said app there would be no new blog from me today! That’s because we have a looooong day of driving ahead of us (currently only 3 hours in). We’re going from TX to Atlanta where me and Josiah will break off for Nashville and the other boys will head back to Charlotte.

We’ve clocked an impressive 2400 miles over the last 4 days-and we’ll finish with fingers crossed since we’re fresh out of spare trailer tires!

The shows from the last couple of days were a lot of fun. We rang in the New Year rockin an event with a couple thousand kids in Joplin. Last night we were finally able to swing through TX to make up a show we canceled a few months ago. Dallas (and by Dallas I mean Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano and Arlington) has really been a second home to us. The support there is amazing and it’s always worth the trip across the country!

Along with supportive friends and fans Dallas also offered up a top-notch gas station taco stand! Fuel city- thanks for the great tacos and the corn-n-a-cup (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it)!

I pray 2010 is a busy year for us with lots of shows in your area! Hope to see all of your smiling faces soon!
Until next week…
-Scott (@ScottyMcTaube)



  1. Hope you guys don’t have any more tire trouble. Praying for you as you are traveling across the US, and playing shows.

  2. It was wonderful seeing you guys again! Hope the lattes don’t make y’all sick. 🙂 Enjoy Nashville & Enjoy Home!

  3. Good luck with the tires and stuff! I really hope to see you at Flevo again this year… Or any other concert in Holland ofcourse 😀

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