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I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday with friends and family. All was well in our household. However, for yet another year, “It Never Snows in Charlotte” was once again an accurate depiction of Christmas at home. I woke up Christmas morning to heavy rain pounding outside my window and it continued for the remainder of the day. Regardless of the gloomy weather, it didn’t put a damper on my holiday spirit. Christmas for me is always a reminder of how fortunate I am to even be with family (or have a loving family) during the holidays. Also a reminder of why Jesus coming to Earth in human form was the the greatest thing to ever happen to man. Could you even imagine being in the same generation as Jesus and growing up with him and then hearing him preach as he grew older? Better yet, witnessing him being crucified then seeing him risen again in three days!? We have to remember that the life of Jesus Christ, from birth to death, was not a fairy tale or a sunday school story. It actually happened and is a real historical event. That’s amazing. Always remember that the greatest gift of all time was God becoming man, being born into the lowest of environments, so that he could sacrifice himself for all of us, taking all of our sin upon himself, so that we can have full and direct access to God.

On a completely different note, my movie going experience was rocked this past week when I laid my eyes on the three dimensional, increidibly vivid, dreamlike jungles of Pandora. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, then you have not experienced the epicness of Avatar. Going to see this film in 3d is a must. I’d like to go see it again and coming from me that’s a big deal. With going to see a movie at a theatre it’s always one and done. But this movie experience was too incredible to just see once. Plus the 3d shades are oh so stylish. These aren’t your stereotypical cardboard red and blue colored lenses. This is why this movie is so incredible:

So this’ll be my last blog of 2009, better yet of the ’00’s! Man. As most others are doing this time of the year I will make a list to close out the year as well. Thinking back, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year and it’s been very exciting. So here’s the “Todd Davis Highlights of ’09”

1. After much patience, finally releasing our debut album “Attention” internationally
2. Visiting the Netherlands not once but twice this past summer and playing to thousands at the Flevo Festival
3. Our single “The Difference” hitting #3 in the Christian Rock radio charts
4. Becoming sponsored by Genesis Drum Company
5. Adding Burnie – The Road Warrior (our bus) to the Philmont family
6. Our 3 month long string of touring with Capital Lights, Wavorly, A Rotterdam November, Illia, Abandon, This Beautiful Republic, and Wavorly.
7. The season finale of LOST season 5
8. Making the X 2009 Christian Rock hits compilation album
9. American Eagle Outfitters selecting “The Difference” for their in-store video playlist
10. Our hometown christmas show @ Tremont Music Hall. A venue that is special to all of us in the band

I hope you all have enjoyed my viral video postings throughout the year. Rest assured there will be more to come. I will be closing out 2009 with “How to be Bully Smart” an actual tutorial of immense cheesyness. Enjoy and have a happy new year!!!

Your friend, Todd


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  1. Brilliant!

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