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Merry Christmas friends!!

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas, I know i did. Ive had more chocolate covered pretzels, hot chocolate, this week more than I have ever had in my entire life. Its pretty cool that last week I had a sweet snow/ice storm here where I live, which is about an hour north from the rest of the guys, and theres still a tiny bit of ice everywhere including my back deck which is perfectly positioned out of direct sunlight. So i sorta had ” white Christmas” I got some sweet gifts and great gift cards.

Ive been all over town and half the state visiting family and juggling parties, also seeing the new Robert Downy Jr movie Sherlock Holmes… I am going to go into hibernation until we have our New Years bash in Missouri. Sherlock Holmes was a great flick, I only caught part of it because as I said, the past week has been 100% non-stop… so of course I could not battle the heavy eyelids that were taunted by the warm, dark theatre. I was that guy… in the movie theatre with my head slumped over.

So as the 2009 holidays come to an end a new year is preparing to launch, this year I believe will be better than the last for Philmont. Only God knows where we’ll end up. I hope everyone has a safe New Year… tell someone how much you love them… and tell a friend about Philmont and more importantly tell them about Jesus.. for he is the reason for the season…. yeah I went there.. pulled that card. Its the truth.

Again, Merry Christmas and goodbye 2009!



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