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So I just spent the last seven (7)- oh yes, that’s right, seven hours sitting at the kitchen table with my wife Britt addressing Philmont Christmas cards and writing lovely notes on the back. My hand hurts so bad and my butt is still numb from sitting! But I dare say it’s worth it. If you’re one of the special recipients you’ve got a lot to look forward to! Our list wound up being 240 people long! We had the 100 lucky Philmont fans and the rest were radio stations, tv stations, important people, organizations and special friends we’ve met over the last year. We sure do make a lot of friends when we’re out and about!
It was crazy looking at the list of names and remembering shows and people that we met all the way back on the west coast tour last Jan-feb. It’s been such a long year and we’re very blessed to have been kept very busy. I was touched to really look at how many people personally support our ministry. It’s amazing that we can be headed across the country far away from home but still look forward to seeing familiar faces. You guys have truly become part of the big, happy Philmont family this year.
Philmont only has one more show before we break for Christmas. As I’m sure you’ve read in the last five blogs, the show is a hometown show, which is very exciting. We’re playing at a club that we used to play about once a month when we were starting out. We have so many good memories there so it should be a rather nostalgic experience. (We even got to open for MxPx there one time!) Pray for a good turn out and a good time to round out the year for us! Also keep us in your prayers as our New Years Eve plans have moved from an NC show to a MO show! It’s cold up there and they get snow—we don’t have much experience driving in it!

-Scott (@ScottyMcTaube)



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    • Posted December 13, 2009 at 10:16 PM
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    When are you going to do a show in Chicago area again. I have been dying to go to another one of your shows.

  1. I think it’s not only you guys that are blessed, we also can count ourselfs lucky to know a band that is as amazing as you guys, and with such lovely and caring members. Thanks x

  2. I’m excited to get a card. It’ll probably make my day. I love getting mail. 🙂

    p.s. uber excited that you guys are coming back to Sonshine Festival- maybe this year we’ll actually have sun. 😉

  3. dude I wish we could go to your Joplin show but that’s like 3 hrs away for us. 😦 oh well we’ll catch you guys in Camdenton in June for crossover!!!! I CANNOT WAIT

  4. Super excited to be one of the select 100 philmont fans to get a card. Thanks for all y’all have done over the past few years that I have known y’all. You will continue to see my face at shows and I’ll keep supporting your band. You guys are awesome and i’m blessed to call you friends of mine!

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