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This post is dedicated to the “Favorites of 2009” according to Josiah Prince. I have spent some time going through all the different things that I have witnessed and experienced this year, and have created this list based on what I feel has stood out the most in each category! Granted, I didn’t see every movie that came out this year, and I did not listen to every album that was released, so this is not by any means an official critics’ list, it is just the highlights of the year for me personally. So here we go:

My Favorites From 2009

Favorite Movie: Star Trek [runner-up: Taken]

Favorite Album: No More Stories by Mew

Favorite New Television Series: Community

Favorite Returning Television Series: LOST

Favorite Song: Water Landing by Third Eye Blind

Favorite Concert Attended: Third Eye Blind

Favorite Pop Radio Single: My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson
[runner-up: She-Wolf by Shakira]

Favorite Video Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
[runner-up: Wii Sports Resort]

Favorite Artist Newly Discovered: Shiny Toy Guns
[runner-up: Children 18:3]
[2nd runner-up: House of Heroes]

Favorite Book: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Favorite Philmont Experience: tie between The Netherlands and releasing Attention

Favorite Philmont Festival: SonshineFest in Wilmar, MN

Favorite Philmont Tour: Out of Control Tour with Capital Lights & A Rotterdam November

Favorite Musical Purchase: Keeley Compressor Pedal

Favorite Clothing Purchase: white sleeveless hoodie from H&M

Favorite Website: Twitter [runner-up: FailBlog]

Favorite Restaurant Experience: Giordano’s in Chicago

Favorite Sporting Event: Major League Baseball Post-Season

Favorite Most Improved Skill: Ping-pong

Favorite Spiritual Lesson Learned: Not every season is a harvest season!

Well that’s about all I can think of! I know the year isn’t quite over yet, but this pretty much sums up the past 12 months as a whole.
Now let’s make it interactive! Insert your own answers and post ‘em in the comments! Maybe we can all learn from each other.

This may seem like a cop-out blog to some of you, but it actually took a lot of time and effort! You wanna see a cop-out blog, just wait ‘til Christmas Day (which happens to be a Friday [which happens to be my day of the week to post])! I’m warning you now, I will be way too busy playing with my action figures and comic books in my PJ’s [you think I’m joking] to get on here and post an elaborate shpiel about the Christmas story (the real one, not the movie)…anyway, maybe I will just write up a post ahead of time so I can just copy and paste it on Christmas Day. Yeah, that sounds good.

Being that this post has already had plenty of good suggestions for entertainment, I will bypass my typical Three Songs list this week. Again, we are playing in our own city of Charlotte on December 20th at Tremont Music Hall, and we would love for each and every one of you to be there. Obviously that is not possible, but we hope that those of you who are less than two hours from this location will come hang out with us! Have a great week, get some shopping done!




    • Erica Hildebrand
    • Posted December 11, 2009 at 8:32 AM
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    Favorite Movie: Transformers 2 and My Sisters Keeper, depends on the mood (I would say New Moon but that would be too cliche)

    Favorite Album: Attention – Philmont [second place goes to Because of the times/ aha shake Kings of Leon..which finally made it to Winnipeg]

    Favorite New Television Series: um…5 kids,husband, full time student=no TV time

    Favorite Returning Television Series:
    Ultimate Fighting Championship [tied with Criminal Minds]

    Favorite Song: I need a page for this one – probably The Difference or Keep the Party Alive [FF5][Runner up is the Bucket or Closer by KOL]

    Favorite Concert Attended: Hillsong United – WOW!!!

    Favorite Pop Radio Single: um, ew.

    Favorite Video Game: Batman Lego

    Favorite Artist Newly Discovered: The Almost [runner up = Anberlin]

    Favorite Book: Hunger Games Suzanne Collins or Geomorphology

    Favorite Erica Experience: Impromptu 2 a.m. road trip with the family half way across the country

    Favorite Erica Festival: Since I haven’t performed at any festivals :o) I will go with huge summer party experience and that would have been my daughters Super Awesome Fantastic Dodgeball Party

    Favorite Musical Purchase: new headphones *haha*

    Favorite Clothing Purchase: fuzzy socks..I live in Canada

    Favorite Website: Facebook or Fox News

    Favorite Restaurant Experience: Masala (ethiopian)

    Favorite Sporting Event: UFC 101

    Favorite Most Improved Skill: Silence…when its needed

    Favorite Spiritual Lesson Learned: A church (as the body of christ) is not worth calling a church if it cannot love and accept people, and if it does not execute justice in their community. Love will start a revolution.

  1. My Favorites From 2009

    Favorite Movie: Taken…however Avatar is not out yet…..

    Favorite Album: Only by The night- Kings of Leon

    Favorite New Television Series: Community for sure! or Flash forward

    Favorite Returning Television Series: The Office

    Favorite Song: Pork N Beans- Weezer

    Favorite Concert Attended: There were way way to many to pick to pick a favorite

    Favorite Pop Radio Single: Replay- IYAZ

    Favorite Video Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    Favorite Artist Newly Discovered: lets see: The Red Airplanes, Philmont, A rotterdam November, Words in Windows, Old Man Shattered, Capital Lights, there are many more out these all of who I love, it was a very concert and music filled year for me

    Favorite Book: Irresistible Revolution- Shane Claiborne

    Favorite Philmont Experience: Hanging out with you guys at the VandeKamp house in Chandler and on the Out of Control tour. Or the show that I did at my church with you and rotterdam…that was a fun few weeks

    Favorite Philmont Festival: I sadly didn’t see you guys at any festivals this year, however Spirit West Coast Monterey was my favorite festival

    Favorite Philmont Tour: Out of Control Tour with Capital Lights & A Rotterdam November….this was a blast!

    Favorite Musical Purchase: CD’s and merch haha

    Favorite Clothing Purchase: My zip up light hoodies from American Eagle

    Favorite Website: My google reader…is that cheating…

    Favorite Restaurant Experience: There was a pizza place that I ate at on a tour in Farmington NM that was awesome!

    Favorite Sporting Event: Working at the Aaron Shust and the Stellar Kart shows after the Arizona Diamondbacks game and getting field access

    Favorite Most Improved Skill: Playing online games

    Favorite Spiritual Lesson Learned: God’s plan does not always go in line with our plan

  2. Favorite Movie: Aliens In The Attic(I’m going to see Blindside on Sunday, so that could be first in a couple of days.)

    Favorite Album: Attention, The Outsiders(NEEDTOBREATHE), or Confessions (Pillar). I can’t choose!

    Favorite New Television Series: I don’t watch any O_o

    Favorite Returning Television Series: NCIS and Jeopardy

    Favorite Song: Back Down, Setting Off, or Garden (NEEDTOBREATHE)

    Favorite Concert Attended: Philmont, Hillsong United, or Phil Keaggy. (All my answers are three-way ties haha)

    Favorite Pop Radio Single: Is Fireflies by OwlCity one? I only listen to Christian radio…

    Favorite Video Game:It didn’t come this year, but Nightfire which is a Bond game

    Favorite Artist Newly Discovered: Philmont (yay!) and NEEDTOBREATHE

    Favorite Book: Green-Ted Dekker

    Favorite Arielle Experience:Teaching myself to play guitar and trip with youth group to Student Life at Liberty University

    Favorite Arielle Festival:I have yet to play at one. If you guys ever need a keyboard player, I would be glad to help : )

    Favorite Musical Purchase: The Lost Christmas Eve(Trans-Siberian Orchestra) songbook, and hopefully by the end of the year, an electric guitar

    Favorite Clothing Purchase: um…I don’t have any

    Favorite Website:Facebook and

    Favorite Restaurant Experience: Buffalo Wild Wings at 2am. THAT was interesting

    Favorite Sporting Event: I dislike sports

    Favorite Most Improved Skill: Piano and guitar

    Favorite Spiritual Lesson Learned: Standing alone for what is right is not easy, but can be very rewarding in the end.

  3. these are great!

    yes Arielle, Fireflies counts. that song has blown up!

    props on the Fox News mention, Erica

    and Josh gets the award for most answers in common with me. also, not sure if you read Todd’s blog about Shane Claiborne from a month or two ago, but you should check it out!

  4. I have no idea why The Irresistible Revolution didn’t come to mind when I read the question. It’s definitely in my top five for this year. I’ve read it twice already 🙂

    Okay, then Fireflies is my favorite pop radio single then haha

  5. Woehoe we’ve tied with the release of Attention 😀 I’m very proud on my little country now 🙂

    My Favorites From 2009

    Favorite Movie: New Moon

    Favorite Album: Attention, Till we see the shore, Too lose my life, Dance or die… I can’t choose xD

    Favorite New Television Series: New? Nothing new on the Dutch television…

    Favorite Returning Television Series: Desperate Housewives

    Favorite Song: Back Down, Farewell to the fairground and Fireflies

    Favorite Concert Attended: McFly

    Favorite Pop Radio Single: No Regrets by Anny

    Favorite Video Game: Loco Roco 😀

    Favorite Artist Newly Discovered: Owl City

    Favorite Book: eh… the new Artemis Fowl

    Favorite Philmont Experience: Flevoooo!

    Favorite Philmont Festival: Same

    Favorite Philmont Tour: See ‘Favorite Philmont Experience’

    Favorite Musical Purchase: I like them all ^^

    Favorite Clothing Purchase: My new vest from the New Yorker

    Favorite Website: Twitter

    Favorite Restaurant Experience: The Italian in Berlin

    Favorite Sporting Event: The soccercup of the Netherlands

    Favorite Most Improved Skill: Playing on the PSP

    Favorite Spiritual Lesson Learned: Be patient, things will happen when they are meant to happen.

  6. yay! Sonshine fest was AWESOME!! 🙂

  7. Favorite Movie: I don’t know if I saw any new movies this year. We’re not big movie watchers. “Muppet Christmas Carol” is the best movie ever made, so you really don’t need anymore;)

    Favorite Album: “The Outsiders” by NEEDTOBREATHE.

    Favorite New Television Series: Once again, don’t have one. We don’t watch much television either.

    Favorite Returning Television Series: Same as above;)

    Favorite Song: “These Hard Times” by NEEDTOBREATHE.

    Favorite Concert Attended: Didn’t attend one.

    Favorite Pop Radio Single: Don’t listen to the radio so I wouldn’t know.

    Favorite Video Game: FIFA 10

    Favorite Artist Newly Discovered: Don’t think I ‘discovered’ one this year.

    Favorite Book: “Young Ladies Guide To The Harmonious Development Of Christian Character” by Harvey Newcomb.

    Favorite Philmont Experience: Didn’t have one.

    Favorite Philmont Festival: Didn’t go to one.

    Favorite Philmont Tour: Heck, I don’t know. I didn’t attend any of your shows!

    Favorite Musical Purchase: “The Outsiders” by NEEDTOBREATHE.

    Favorite Clothing Purchase: I got a Barlow Girl “Love & War” shirt and don’t really like it on me, but I wear it anyway to support ’em, lol, so that’d be it;)

    Favorite Website: Twitter, I guess.

    Favorite Restaurant Experience: I don’t know. Any restaurant experience with my family is good:)

    Favorite Sporting Event: Well, I didn’t go to one, but there were some really good Man United games.

    Favorite Most Improved Skill: Sheesh, I don’t know.

    Favorite Spiritual Lesson Learned: Still trying so hard not to worry about the future. God is in control and everything happens for a reason. He ordained everything since before there was time. He’s with me always and I’m trying more and more each day to trust Him!

  8. i enjoyed reading this alot! i definately know that the white sleveless hoodie was your fave cuz both of the times i saw philmont this year you were wearing it 😀 haha! thanks for all the hard work this year and i love you guys!

  9. Katie, geez, you only answered like three categories!! you better sharpen up for next year 🙂

    and Aubrey you are quite observant. Kudos to you.

  10. My Favorites From 2009

    Favorite Movie: Coraline

    Favorite Album: Brand New Eyes by Paramore

    Favorite New Television Series: Glee!!

    Favorite Returning Television Series: ??

    Favorite Song: “Down” by Jay Sean/ Lil wayne

    Favorite Concert Attended: All of the Concert at Soul Fest: FF5, The Almost, Children 18:3, Philmont, Run Kid Run, Joel and Jana.

    Favorite Pop Radio Single: My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson

    Favorite Video Game: Rockband

    Favorite Artist Newly Discovered: Philmont

    Favorite Book: Cupcake queen

    Favorite Philmont Experience: The amazing concert at Soul Fest in NH

    Favorite Philmont Festival: Soul Fest

    Favorite Philmont Tour: I only got to see ya once.

    Favorite Musical Purchase: “Coraline’s Song”

    Favorite Clothing Purchase: Neon Pink Skinnies from Pac Sun

    Favorite Website: Facebook

    Favorite Restaurant Experience: Fortune Fountian during our all girls shopping trip.

    Favorite Sporting Event: Soccer games at the Local Highschool.

    Favorite Most Improved Skill: Cooking 😀

    Favorite Spiritual Lesson Learned: idk

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