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This weekend presented us with some long needed travel and shows. It’s been a slow few months due to the holidays so we’ve all been itching to get back out and do what we do best- play some music! We had a long drive down to Punta Gorda, FL to do a show with Decemberadio on Friday. Saturday was an off day and then we were to meet up with them on Sunday for another show in Irmo, SC.
A couple weeks before this little trip I got an email from a woman named Kimberly Gordon who owns and operates the Second Chances Christian Bookstore in Lehigh Acres, FL asking if Philmont would come do an acoustic set and signing on Saturday (about 45 miles from Friday’s show)- we said yes.

After a couple of email exchanges I learned more about her ministry- so much more than a bookstore! They’re also home to “Fine Tuned Ministries”- a program they started when they moved into their building 6 months ago- where they offer FREE music lessons to any local kid that wants to sign up. They currently have about 30 kids signed up to learn guitar, bass, drums and piano from knowledgeable volunteers (oftentimes other students, youth pastors, etc.)


The acoustic set went smooth and we spent a lot of time there hanging out with the students, instructors and even did some jamming with them. (Josiah played drums for a while…you can tell HE never had the opportunity for free lessons growing up!)
I spent a lot of time talking to Kimberly and learning more about their ministry. Her and her husband had saved up money to do some mission work, but instead of going over to Africa they decided to keep that ministry in their own community. She said Lehigh Acres does not have a lot for teens to do when they’re not at school which leads to them getting in trouble (recently there have been higher arrest numbers for teens than adults in their area). This free music program/ coffee shop hangout has been an escape for these kids. For some of them it’s a place to hang out after school and surf the internet, for others it’s a guitar lesson and a new, healthy way to express themselves.
The greatest thing about this ministry is that kids are responding to it! So often churches open coffee shops or youth nights and no one ever shows up. At Second Chances, it seems like everything they offer is a hit to these kids! On top of music lessons (back before money got tight) they took car-loads of kids to Christian concerts that couldn’t afford to go. They also do a teen bible study on Thursday nights and as of now they’re open and available for these kids every night of the week except for Sunday.
The purpose of the bookstore end of it is to pay the bills, keep the lights on and keep the programs going. Like every other business in America, it’s getting hard to do that. But like any ministry they’re fully relying on God to pull them through from month to month. Kimberly and her family have a beautiful heart, amazing ideas and an incredible drive to see them through. If you’re in any financial standing to help them keep their programs running I encourage you to contact them. I’ll put their information at the end of the blog….which is coming up now cause I’ve said pretty much all I’d set out to say! Hope all’s well on your end! Thanks for reading every week!
-Scott (@ScottyMcTaube)

Second Chances Christian Bookstore
1303 Homestead Rd N
Lehigh Acres, FL
(You can also search for them on Facebook)


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  1. Way to go, wonderful article. Good job Kimberly and good job to you Scotty for supporting our local bookstore. We are family and we will hold hands in God’s field. Be blessed, we will continue to pray for you all.

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