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Did anybody see the moon last night? If you saw what I saw, you were witnessing a lunar halo. Looking up into the sky it looked like there was a giant glowing ring around the moon. Pretty amazing sight.

Science Lesson:

Lunar halos, or ice bows, are caused by sunlight being refracted by cirro-stratus clouds. Cirro-stratus clouds are thin clouds, very high in the atmosphere (3–6 miles in the upper troposphere), and are composed of ice crystals. The particular shape and orientation of the crystals is responsible for the type of halo observed. Light is reflected and refracted by the ice crystals and may split up into colors because of dispersion. The crystals behave like prisms and mirrors, refracting and reflecting sunlight between their faces, sending shafts of light in particular directions.

I’ll be quizzing you all next week in my next blog.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and how wonderful it was. As some of you may be aware, as I customarily do, the radio was turned to christmas music later that afternoon after thanksgiving lunch had winded down because now it is finally fitting for christmas jams. The fall pumpkin treats are out of season and now I’ll be enjoying egg nog and peppermint flavored treats in celebration of the Christmas holiday. One of my favorites being Chic-fil-A’s peppermint chocolate chip milkshake.

Also, speaking of delicious shakes, my week was MADE last week when I discovered there will soon be a new Cookout built right down the road from my house in Charlotte. Those of you outside of N.C. wouldn’t know what I was talking about because Cookout is a chain based out of and located exclusively in North Carolina. The food is prepared “cookout style” and tastes just as if you had grilled it in your backyard, and your side can be anything on the menu (such as a cheeseburger with the side of a hot dog). Though the real treat at Cookout are their 41 different selections of glorious milkshakes, all of which can be combined with other milkshake flavors upon request. PLUS, they print bible verses on all of there food packaging and cups. If you’re ever in N.C. and stumble upon one, pulling in is a must. Just an all-around good restaurant.

If you live in North Carolina (near Charlotte) and once again happen to be passing through N.C. on December 20th, come on out to Tremont Music Hall for a holiday rock show with Philmont, Public Radio, and Days Off Screen! Six dollars at the door (+$3 surcharge for those under 21) show starts at 7. Do it!!!!!11!!1 We’d love to see you there. Please RSVP on facebook … HERE

Here’s your weekly web clip o’ fun. Later on, party people.




  1. Todd u are amazing! haha! oh I have a good you tube video that my youth director showed us…I bet u would like it! I’ll find it and post it! 🙂

  2. ahhh cook out is amazing!!! im in love with their milk shakes!:)

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