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Hello Boys and squirrels, I do hope everyone out there had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I like what Josiah wrote, a quote from John Foreman from Switchfoot basically saying that it shouldnt be just one day out of the year that you realize you should be thankful, it should be all year long.

Orlando was a blast. I spent my week with Dolphins, Sea lions and Killer Whales! The weather was great and there was hardly a crowd anytime we went to the parks. It was great being up close and personal with stingrays and dolphins, being able to feed them both. I rode so many roller coasters it was insane… okay there were only 3 but you would get off the ride and run right back up to the front, every child’s dream. Unless you’re Josiah then you’ve never been on a coaster before… Sea World was amazing, seeing Killer Whales and Shamu do stunts and purposely taking their fins and splashing people in the soak zone 30 feet into the crowd.. i would say breath taking but we’ll just say Super Rad for now.

We made the mistake of driving home the weekend after Thanksgiving. I wish this on nobody… what was supposed to be a comfy 9 hour drive back from the Orange state took 12 hourrrssssss of dreadful bumper to bumper traffic. So keep that in mind next year when you travel, it ma be smart to leave out at 3 in the morning!

Lastly, everyone please pray for Josh ( Fatty) from Family Force Five.. I hear he is still in the hospital for his kidneys.

Have a good Tuesday err’body




  1. I loved Sea World when I was a little kid!

    If you guys ever want to come to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, I can give you a tour!

    I’m definitely praying for Josh. I heard about that earlier 😦

  2. Sounds like you had a blast, well, minus the traffic. :o). We have all been praying for Josh .

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