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Time off is both good and bad. Bad for obvious reasons of us not doing our thang out on the road. Good because we get to hang out with girlfriends, wives, friends, family, pets, etc. and get some work in for $inthebank. For me I’ve finally gotten some hours at the place I’ve worked since high school, which is my church’s gym. In fact, I’m writing from work right now. I can do this because my duties are just to be a welcoming body behind the main desk who checks people in. This shifts people per hour ratio is probably 7pph so I’ve got plenty of time to spare.

Seems ol’ North Carolina has been the target for reality TV these days. Justin had mentioned that Extreme Home Makeover had come through his hometown of Lexington, NC last week. Well I just happen to spot some folks I knew the other day on the tube on the show “World’s Strictest Parents”. In the show, two troubled teens are sent to a temporary family for a few weeks to receive strict discipline from their “new” parents for their routine misbehavior. If anyone happened to watch the episode with The Bouldins last week, they are from Indian Trail, NC (which is a suburb of Charlotte). Mr. Bouldin is my ex-girlfriends uncle and his father used to be the pastor of our church years ago. As for the strictness, I was a little disappointed in his performance but he reared the kids with love in an effective way. So kudos, Mr. Bouldin. Though my favorite scene was when he made the little rascals pull up thorns from the backyard with no gloves. Classic.

If you hadn’t caught it yet, the Gospel Music Channel is featuring a behind the scenes look at the making of our album “Attention”. The feature is titled “For the Record”. Check it out.

I have a confession to make. Though I had a little rant a few blogs ago on people celebrating Christmas way to early (which I still support my reasonings), I went against my argument and attended Charlotte’s annual Southern Christmas Show this past week with my girlfriends family. Now my going to the show was more nostalgia than anything because my mom sold her paintings for more than 20 years at the show. So I grew up my whole life going to the Christmas show every year (she retired from painting two years ago). My second reason for going is the delicious food. You can get full just off of the samples you are given as you shop around. Whenever Sara, my girlfriend, would be shopping around, I’d usually be posted up at the nearest food sample booth stuffing my face with goodness. I’m totally that guy. But hey, gimme a break…candied almonds, various chip dips, coffee samples, fresh cheese…they are too delicious not to try them all. I had such a large amount of food samples in my belly, I couldn’t even eat dinner at the end of the night. All this to say, it kind’ve put me in the Christmas spirit. There I said it. I’m still even more pumped to stuff my face full of Thanksgiving goodness.

That’s all for me. Here’s today’s web clip, “Bathroom Mirror Prank”. It’s pretty genius. Not gonna lie.
Have a good week everybody!




  1. That video is epic.
    How do you find this stuff???

  2. You should come to Holland sometime around the 5th of December… I think you’d love the ‘pepernoten’ 🙂

  3. I saw that episode the other day! Well, bits and pieces of it, because my little sister kept coming in the room and I didn’t want her to hear the language 🙂 They were probably the ‘strictest’ parents I’ve ever seen on the show.

    Those sisters did a really good job! haha Now I wish I had a twin xD

  4. That video is awesome!
    I already knew it. A friend of mine also found it on youtube, so it’s not the first time I saw it.
    But it’s still epic!

  5. I never, ever watch tv- but when I went to my friend’s house last week, I saw that episode of “World’s Strictest Parents” and thought hey… someone I know is from Indian Trail. Haha.

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