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So this past week an unfortunate family less than a mile down the road from my residence, received a very fortunate surprise. ABC’s Extreme Make-Over: Home Edition has almost completely finished the week long project. The mother of the family has stage 4 cancer, along with her husband they raise their 3 daughters in a house that had taken the back burner to being fixed up and repaired because of all the medical expenses.

The other night me and my girlfriend Elizabeth walked down to the construction site. The entire place was muddy from the extremely rainy weekend before, but I was blown away from what I saw going on. I saw so many people from my community coming together to do something amazing for this family. There were loud generator lights lighting up the entire night sky so everyone could work. Cranes were “raising the roof” workers were all over the place. I never saw Ty or Paul or any other crew members but tomorrow the family comes home and I believe ill go down to the homecoming ceremony. Cant wait to see the families reaction. I believe the airing of the show will be sometime in February because it takes so long to edit.

So thats been the excitement here for the past week, traffic being diverted, tons of people watching the build.

As for our Christmas list!!! Scott can speak for himself, if anyone would like to surprise me with a Snuggie ill gladly put that to use, even though its just a backwards robe. If anyone would like to purchase me a new computer I would forever be in debt to you.. also size 12 TOMS would be nice 🙂

Thanksgiving is right around the corner…Im excited.

Goodnight all!



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