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The 2012 movie comes out today. I’m interested to check it out, mainly to see how much dramatic exaggeration they put on top of the actual theories about the purported events-to-come in that year.

For the Wednesday night service at my church this week, I played drums for praise and worship. I haven’t touched drumsticks (aside from pulling Todd’s out of the trailer) for a very long time, but I was their last resort so I gave it a whirl. It wasn’t that bad methinks; just kept it simple! Then realized how much my arms ached. No more of that.

I am constantly discovering more great things about Twitter. I used to think of it very one-dimensionally, but now I can spend hours on there, just checking out various people and reading the “trending topic” posts. There’s a lot of cool stuff to be found in the Twitter world.

Today is the last day to vote for our video “The Difference” for the Gospel Music Channel Awards. Here’s the link. If you read this today (Friday) please go cast a few votes and text a few votes! And wish us luck!

Just got the new Dashboard Confessional album, as well as the new Trans-Siberian Orchestra album. Great purchases. The Dashboard album was 2 discs: the first was the actual album, full band playing. The second disc was stripped-down, acoustic variations of every song from the album, with cello and such. Both are great.

I am trying to figure out what I want for Christmas…

Oh yeah, before I forget, here are a couple more tabs for you Philmont cover bands! This week are two great songs for guitar, probably some of the more difficult stuff from the album. My Hippocratic Oath and Photosynthetic.


So far, the most popular tab is Hello Jack followed by Another Name…interesting…also, be sure to download the “How To Use These Tabs” document. It will prove very resourceful.

Seriously, though, I want to see you guys playing these songs now that I have shown you how. Pick the one you feel you can play the best, set up a camera, and sing it for the world! Send me the Youtube link and I will post your video on here.

Oh, and here is some cool news for those of you who have been in turmoil over the fact that our song “The Ascension” is not available for download anywhere. Well, it is going up on iTunes! Very soon. We will let you know.

Enjoy your weekend! Here are three songs. Laterz. – Josiah

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “The Motions” by Dashboard Confessional

2. “Brick by Boring Brick” by Paramore

3. “My Mirror Speaks” by Death Cab For Cutie



  1. I still haven’t listened to the whole new TSO album! My brother let me listen to the most piano based songs and hasn’t let me listen to the whole thing yet 😦 Do you have a favorite from them?

  2. They are more of an album band to me, I think. What makes them great is each album from start to finish. That being said, the individual songs I enjoy most are the 2 singles that you always hear on the radio (Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 and Christmas Canon). But I’m still digging into the new album, so who knows?

  3. Hello Jack is my fav to play! thanks so much for awesome tabs!

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