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So the past few days have been a nightmare for me. Monday night I got off of work and came home and ate dinner then did a few things on the computer. Then out of NOWHERE I ran to the bathroom and threw up (from both ends). Feeling a little relieved I went to bed around midnight. Then an hour later, shot up out of bed with a sudden attack of intense nausea then ran to the bathroom for the same process much worse. For the next 3 hours, in exactly 15 minute intervals, I would have to run to the bathroom. I would drink some water after each trip to replenish lost fluids but my body would reject anything I would put in it every time, even a sip of water to take some medicine. After there was nothing left in my stomach, I would only dry-heave which gave me a splitting headache. Eventually the intervals became 30 minutes, then every hour. But between 1am and 10am I had thrown up 18 times! It was seriously the worst night of my life. Of course I got no sleep and was aching all over with a raging headache. I stayed in bed until around 2pm then attempted to get up. The slightest movement would make my aching muscles and bones throb even more. So I admitted defeat and laid on the couch till the sun went down again. I’ve had keep my company with The Office, Flash Forward, and Community episodes. All excellent TV shows. At one point during the day I had somehow fallen asleep on the living room floor, which is still a mystery to me.

I can’t say I don’t know where the sickness came from. I’m positive I got it from my family in Wilmington, NC. I headed down to the coast this past weekend for a surprise birthday party for my older brother. Him and his wife had both had the virus last week so surely there were still germs planted all around their house. Even their 11 month old daughter had it. But it was well worth the trip and luckily we’ve got some time off from touring for the next couple of weeks so I’ve got plenty of time to recover.

Anywho, here’s this week’s web clip dubbed: Worst Sportcaster Ever. After a while it gets excruciating to watch. Poor guy.
Now, boom goes the dynamite…

Later on my friends,



  1. Dude, that sucks. I had the same virus last spring only I was in a college dorm, so I most definitely feel your pain. Hope you feel better!!!

  2. I had the same thing earlier this year… Not fun, especially when it interupts sleep. I’m glad you’re feeling better and hope you fully recover soon!

    I don’t like sports in the first place, but that was really, really bad! You need to be able to read quickly for that job.

  3. Aww! I’m so sorry! That REALLY stinks. I know how you feel, although I haven’t had anything like that happen to me in years. Hope you’re feeling much, much better by now, and can’t wait to see you back in North Carolina next Saturday in High Point!

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