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Good evening folks,

Philmont has just returned from Michigan where its so stinking cold. I was not prepared for the coldness that awaited for us up there. We had 2 awesome shows with December Radio, met some cool guys and new friends. Philmont dominated in a game of spoons against some lucky fans. They were good sports about and we love you all. We also developed a love for the intense game of Knock Out! In case you dont know, you need a basketball goal and two basketballs. Form a line and as soon as the person in front of you shoots you try to make a shot before they do to knock them out! New favorite Philmont calorie burner.

Speaking of calorie burning, me and a friend went biking all around town yesterday. Im sure looked like hoodlums racing down sidewalks and barreling through intersections. But man was it fun. We ended getting lost in the woods but found some houses and found the road. Be sure to wear your helmet kids and watch for traffic.

So im working on setting up a local show to help a friend out with her senior graduation from college project. Its going to be a blast, hopefully tons of family and friends will make it out. Its been forever since we’ve played around here.

Well im outta here.

See ya next week



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