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Greetings from Michigan! It’s cold! Not like the weather we just returned from in Vegas. Which was an excellent trip. Scott’s post pretty much summed up everything about the trip but my personal highlights were:

1. Holding a Komodo dragon
2. Seeing the fountains at the Bellagio and reliving the Ocean’s 11 scene
3. Staying in the Paris hotel. Awesome!
4. Winning $28,638 from slot machines!!
5. Seeing many epic costumes on the streets (#1 being wannabe – Howie Mandel and 30 Deal or No Deal assistants in matching dresses and briefcases)
6. Seeing an overhead view of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam from the plane
7. #4 didn’t actually happen.

Good times.

Now we’re on a string of shows with Decemberadio around eastern U.S. and it should be more good times.

Pet Peeve: Though Halloween is over that does not mean that playing Christmas music and even decorating for Christmas is now acceptable. Now is the season for Thanksgiving music and decorations. Turkeys, cornucopias, pilgrim music, and so on. Once Thanksgiving ends, then and ONLY then is it acceptable to commence with the Christmas jams. But not the “Wonderful Christmastime” or “Feliz Navidad” songs. Those need to be banished from the radio for being repetitive and annoying.


Web clip of the week:



  1. No christmas music?! I started listening to it in October! But I have to play in a recital in the beginning of December so I have to start listening to it early. I think I might be playing some Trans-Siberian Orchestra this year! 🙂

    And since those songs are played too often, I think you guys should write and record an original Christmas cd xD

  2. that video makes me feel so bad for her!!!! lol but why the clown mask?! ahahaha

  3. My friend’s roommate was watching TV this evening and upon hearing Christmas music I looked over to see none other than an advertisement for a sale on Christmas stuff. The Christmas decorations have been up in the local Shopko for almost a month now. I dislike it. Christmas season should not start until December. No ands, its, or buts. Period.

  4. when i saw those pics of the Bellagio it reminded me sooo much of Ocean’s Eleven. (such a great movie) i’m sure it was sweet! 🙂

  5. haha Todd i would like to know exactly how Thanksgiving and pilgrim music sounds. Maybe Philmont could do an original Thanksgiving cd!

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