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Hello everybody sorry for being a day late with this one. Anyone been to any fall festivities lately? Ive already carved a pumpkin, which is one of the most disgusting things ive ever done… Ive cut some awesome birthday cake, and swallowed some silly string. Yes, silly string, it was terrible and thus proves you should never be laughing or have your mouth open during a silly string fight.

Its been great being home for these past couple of weeks. I love spending time with family and friends. Also i got to work for a couple of hours which was a plus. I forgot how much my legs and feet hurt after a long days work. Im still recovering… At the end of this week Philmont will be flying to Las Vegas for an awesome show! The rest of the gang will be hanging out spending Halloween in Vegas and Ill be flying back bright and early the morning after the show to spend it with my lovely girlfriend who is having a birthday. Arent I a nice guy šŸ™‚

Well I have tons of laundry to catch up.. any volunteers?
Next week ill try and have some more for you all



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  1. OK, at least you mentioned “pumpkin.” I just want to know when we get to read another episode of “Justin Eats Something Weird?”

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