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Quick blog from me this week due to the fact that I’m at a hotel in Florida and the Internet is not free so I gotta bang this blog out on my phone. (isn’t there an app for that?). Why yes there is but the WordPress iPhone app is absolute trash and at the last blog I tried to write from it!
So as I mentioned I’m in Florida taking the first vacation with my wife since our honeymoon! We’re hitting up Universal Studios today and I’m pretty darn excited! I love rollercoasters- I just have to figure out a way to convince Britt to ride them with me!
It’s such a blessing to be able to duck out of the regular band world for a few days and just spend some time together! You’d think I’d be tired of staying in hotels but it’s a totally different experience when the room isn’t packed with a bunch of dudes!
I’ll have a full report of my time here including my pic for best ride next weekend.
Until then be sure to visit and vote for our video “The Difference” a couple times a day! (or just txt a few votes like I do!)
Stay frosty!
-Scott (@ScottyMcTaube)


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  1. It only lets me vote once a day! 😦

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