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Today was the first day, in a long while, I whipped out the ol’ fall jacket. Which for me kicked off the right to buy my first, of many, Pumpkin Spice lattes for the Fall season. Pretty much anything pumpkin this time of year is fine with me (pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin helmets, etc.). I love the Fall. Me and my girlfriend, Sara, will be heading up to the mountains next weekend to do our annual 10 mi bike ride in Todd, NC, (Ironic, I know) outside of Boone, where we went to college. We usually head up to the mountains at the peak of the most vibrant colors of the changing leaves. Pictures to come shortly. This year I will probably be gripping the bike’s handlebars with one hand while with the other free hand, stuffing my face with as many Pumpkin products I can hold, just to enhance the fall experience.

Today I picked up some old college friends from the airport here in Charlotte. I hate airports. Especially the Charlotte-Douglas airport. Someone needs to hurry up with the teleportation developments so we can rid of the stress that airports produce.

My mom joined the Macintosh community by ordering a macbook recently. It arrived today so for the rest of the night I’ll be exposing her mind to the joys and wonderment of what a macbook has to offer. Surely her mind will be blown.

I didn’t post my weekly viral video last week because I had something more serious I wanted to share but I’ll continue to crank ’em out from this point on. This clip is just ridiculous. No need for explanation. Check out these skills.

Until next time, Adios Amigos



  1. I love your videos. 🙂

  2. Okay, so if I make pumpkin spice bread for my dad to take to NC (Lifefest) and he gives it you guys, you’ll eat it? haha When you guys come to VA Beach, I’ll be sure to make some!

    That video is epic!

    • Absolutely! I don’t know about the other guys. But If pumpkin bread is brought to the festival it will be consumed in seconds.

  3. I had my first on Monday..and then a Pumpkin Spice frap the following day. So glad that it is fall time again!

  4. I made the pumpkin spice bread today! And I might be going to see you guys instead of my brother because he has to work. Which is good and bad since I love practically every band there but this was supposed to be his birthday present since he loves Stryper. :):( Anway, I might get to deliver it myself, if not, my dad will have it! xD

  5. are you only hoping the bike ride 10 miles or did you forget…its 22! hope you’re ready!

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