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Hello world. This comes as major sadness, but today Miley Cyrus canceled her Twitter. Ill admit I followed her. Speaking of Twitter Josiah gave you the wrong name of mine (Justin), its actually just JustinSams. So look us up!

On a serious note, friends of ours Nevertheless, will be disbanding at the end of the year. They are great guys and have such a passion for what they do and have great hearts. We’ll be praying for them and for whatever God has in store for each one of their future. Be sure to look them up on myspace or facebook and support them however you fancy. Being a band on the road is never easy, so many of you make it so much easier. Were a lucky bunch of dudes to have great friends and fans who support us. Were in this band to glorify God to best of our abilities and talents He has given us. Also to help anyone of you we come across. That being said, please let us know what Philmont can do for you.

Gotta get some sleep we have a show tomorrow in South Carolina with the Days Off Screen boys and long time buddies we haven’t seen in a while ” Crashing Jericho”. Should be real excitin’ yall.

Get your Flu shot!

See you lovely people on the flip.




  1. Oh my goodness! This Nevertheless thing makes me sad 😦 I was going to go see them this weekend but my dad can’t go since it’s a youth lock-in and we know nothing about the church. I will be praying for them and can’t wait to see what God does with them individually!

    Flu shots? No way! Pretty much everyone I know who has gotten it has had the flu, or reacted to the shot… Have you seen what they put in the shot? Some pretty gross stuff and more mercury than your body should be able to handle. Yep.

    Have fun in SC!

  2. Lookin’ forward to the show tonight!

  3. Arielle, you are so smart. You’ve done your homework on the flu shot. Good girl. Stay away from flu shots. Especially Philmont. We want you guys healthy!

  4. First Capital Lights, then Nevertheless!! im sad :[ i was really looking forward to their new albums.
    …what can Philmont do for me? why they can come to TEXAS MORE OFTEN!! :]]]

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