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Well, I typed this particular post a couple days ago but then WordPress wouldn’t let me log in so I couldn’t post it that day, so it might not sound right chronologically, but it will be okay. Enjoy!

We are playing a show in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania today. We haven’t played in a few weeks, so this should be fun. As you can see on our Myspace schedule, our October is rather sparse, but we will be doing a handful of shows with our good friends Days Off Screen from South Carolina. These guys are the real deal, awesome music – check it out here.

The weather has become the best part of the day for me. It feels great outside, and makes me feel good. Makes me want to play baseball again. I played from when I was 5 years old up to when I was in college, and it was the greatest. I used to think I would be a baseball player for a living, but as it turns out, I am better at music. And there’s not as much of an opportunity for creativity in professional team sports. But anyway, now you all know why I have such an athletic physique…

So I hear we launched bombs at the moon this morning (this is real). I’m not sure what the moon did to us to provoke such an attack, but I hope it still considers us friends. The moon does not seem like the kind of enemy you would want to have. It looks a little too suspiciously like the Death Star

Luckily, when my computer died the other week, I was able to salvage my documents, specifically the guitar tabs for our album that I had thus far completed. Which is great news, because those took many hours of tedious work. Anyway, I’m up to 8 now, so there are only 4 left, and I think The Terminal will be pretty easy. When they are all done I will post a .zip or .rar file on here that contains them all in Word documents. So keep your eyes peeled.

New Relient K album is out, and while I haven’t gotten much chance to listen to the whole record straight through, what I have heard is pretty good. A lot of people think we sound like Relient K; well I’ve got news for those people…it’s true! We have all been RK fans for at least 6 years, and it probably shows in our music at times. But I think we do enough to make our sound a little more distinguishable and original rather than being a total rip-off. We just want to play fun and meaningful rock & roll, regardless of who we end up being compared to – the end.

Well, not really the end, the blog isn’t over. Just the end of that paragraph. Hey! If you’re not following the band on Twitter, you really need to! We write funny Tweets! Here is all the info you need:

(for the band) PhilmontRock
(Josiah [me]) JosiahP
(Scott) ScottyMcTaube
(Todd) toddplaysdrums
(Justin) justinasams

Do it now, friends. That is all for me this week. Have a great weekend! The holidays are approaching with great haste! Three songs! Bye!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:

1. “Money For That” by Shiny Toy Guns

2. “Your Year on Mars” by Days Off Screen

3. “Secrets Don’t Make Friends” by From First to Last



  1. I am looking foward to seeing the tabs! Then I get the fun of learning it on piano after guitar 🙂

    I have yet to hear RelientK’s new cd. Have you heard Skillet’s newest release (Well, it came out in August) Awake? It’s absolutely amazing!

  2. yes, the holidays are approaching fast….we have a couple inches of snow up in minnesota already….i’m dreaming of a white halloween? not really.

    • TheonethingIhaveleft
    • Posted October 13, 2009 at 1:26 AM
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    Great I’m glad to hear you could get the tabs back, I cant wait for them. I have been wanting to play your songs ever since I heard you about a year ago, but I could never find any tabs. I’m am so happy you are putting them up for us. Thanks so much =)

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