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Getting mail as a kid was always exciting. It was always something good like a care package from grandma or a birthday card with a Lincoln tucked inside but now that I’m older mail has lost that sparkle for me. Now it’s usually a stack of bills, something for the band or the monthy installment of “Rifleman Magazine” that they keep sending me for some reason!
So imagine my surprise when I had 3 books waiting in my mail pile when I got home! (Thanks Amazon!)
Since our trip to Holland this summer I’ve started reading more. (more? Who am I kidding I haven’t actually finished a book since high school!).
I’m excited because all three books were recommended to my by people. The first one I’m digging into is called “The Jesus of Suburbia” and no, it’s not a Greenday autobiography!
it’s a book about how, over time, we’ve skewed our thought and feeling of Christ and Christianity to fit into our comfortable little box-something I actually posted about a little while back. I’m only about fifty pages in but so far, so good. Here’s an excerpt:

“”Jesus is a threat to everything, for he turns all things upside down. Our job as the community of his followers is neither to add or take away from the offense of Jesus, proclaiming his message with meanness and condemnation or gleefully rejoicing over the idea of hell and punishment. But far too many of us make the opposite error as well, softening Jesus to try to tone him down. We apologize for some of his teachings (Did he really tell us to love EVERYBODY?). We downplay his being the only way to the father.  In doing so, we not only miss the revolution of Jesus for ourselves but also misrepresent him to others”

If you’re interested in reading along the book’s called “The Jesus of Suburbia” by Mike Errr.
I look forward to sharing more from this book so keep checking in on our blog!

Until next time…
-Scott (@ScottyMcTaube)


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  1. One book I highly suggest that you (and everyone you know) read is “The Orphaned Anythings” by Stephen Christian. It’s strange, it’s different, and at first you don’t really know what’s going on or what the point is, but in the end it’s got a really good message. $9.85 on, and it was worth every penny. 🙂

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