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Well good evening folks, I hope all of you are doing well. October is creeping up right around the corner. I cant believe its already time for fall. Time has flown by this year. I enjoy fall because i have so many hoodies and jackets… now its time to bust those out.. and if you’ve never had the chance to smell the burning of a leaf pile, you’re missing out. Do not attempt within city limits. Philmont is about to hit the road with friends Days Off Screen ( to do a run of shows together. Its gonna be a blast and hope to see many of you out there.

Alright there is a major nuisance in the television world… I may be alone in this but… the Geico, ” this is the money you could be saving with Geico..” commercial needs to stop, im okay with the band guys, but im tired of hearing Rockwell’s ” Somebody’s watching me” if you want to hear the original song and video check it out. I want more Cavemen.

Philmont’s music videos don’t even compare.

Everyone have a great Tuesday! Go get Paramore’s new album…and ours if you haven’t!!




  1. That music video was quite… Interesting 🙂

    I completely agree though, the Geico commercials are really annoying.

    I’ll have to go check out the dates for the tour! I hope I can catch you guys somewhere in my area…


  2. Philmont is just… wonderful.
    Keep being amazing, please? Thanks.
    I got your CD when it came out, and it is without a doubt, 100% UH-MAZ-ING. You guys rock.
    Ironically enough, I’m listnening to Paramore’s new album right now. It rocks too.
    I saw you guys in Richmond, KY with, like, twenty other people. It was crazyyy. Be sure to come back to Kentucky soon; I had so much fun at your show.
    Philmont is BEAUTIFUL, end of story 😀

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