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This is Josiah.  Computer woes seem to be a recurring theme in the band right now (see previous post).  I just had to get mine taken in despite not having the monetary capacity to pay for the repair.  But thanks to a little innovation and a lot of very nice friends, I was able to raise the money via Facebook/Paypal.  So I am back in business!

Get the new Saosin album “In Search Of Solid Ground”, you will not be disappointed.

Also, the new Relient K album drops in a couple weeks (Oct 6 to be exact).  I have high hopes for it.

We have a couple weeks off right now to just chill at home.  I will be working some at Chick-Fil-A, relaxing, hanging out with friends, and playing the new Wii Sports Resort, which is pretty awesome (disc golf, swordfights, wakeboarding, the works!)

The Office has begun!  Off to a great start if I do say so myself.  And its follow-up act on NBC, Community, is pretty dang good also.

Well, as is the nature of songwriters, Scott and I have begun to casually write some new stuff.  We’ve been doing a lot of writing separately, so each of us has a couple of near-finished songs; we have also collaborated on a few at this point.  Obviously Attention has only been out for a month, so there’s no rush for songs, but it is fun to start thinking ahead.  Well, that’s that.

The new Glenn Beck book is out.  I need to go get it.  But there’s that annoying money thing standing in my way again…

Alright I’ve been meandering about so far on this post but I just thought of something I’ve been meaning to post about.  Public restrooms!  Well, specifically the automation of public restrooms.  Doesn’t it make you happy when the sink turns on automatically thanks to a sensor beneath the faucet?  You probably feel a little better about your experience.  But what good does it do if you are subsequently forced to use a metal handle to open the door as you leave?  A lot of people have opened that door without washing their hands!!  Restaurants and gas stations don’t seem to get it.  If you want to go automatic with your restrooms, make it user-friendly and sensical.  Here are the options in order of importance:

1. Automatic toilet flusher (definitely the most important component)
2. Door that PUSHES out so you can use your shoulder/elbow (I’ve also seen fixtures at the bottom that you use your foot to pull the door open with…crazy!)
3. Automatic paper towels (no more of these janky cranks) OR the really heavy-duty hand dryer (Xelerator or whatever)
4. Automatic sink faucets (with good water pressure)
5. Automatic soap dispenser (preferably the foamy soap)

Now you’re probably thinking “Man that Josiah from Philmont is a germaphobe freak, I am done listening to their music” well hold it right there.  I’m normally not that germ-conscious, but come on, it’s a public restroom.  If you’re going to take steps towards making it less infectious, take the right steps in the right order.  Also, a clean mirror would be great.  All in favor say “eye”.

Well now you know your stuff.  Have a great week.  Buy our album if you haven’t.  Here are 3 songs for you.  Later.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:

1. “Why Can’t You See” by Saosin

2. “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens

3. “Codename: Raven” by House of Heroes



  1. That’s so true. Public restrooms are really nasty! haha

  2. “Eye!”

    You should definately go to Holland/Germany and use the restrooms at restaurants there. When you get up from the toilet, it notices that, and not only will the toilet flush itself, also the toilet seat will be cleaned! How cool is that! And most of the doors you can oppen with your elbow.
    And the paper towels are easy to grab without making your hands dirty again ^^
    I’m still waiting for the album, ordered it on my birthday, that’s like three weeks ago -_-

    Ok, I’m done now ^^

  3. lol i like the that you referred to using a public restroom as an “experience”. i agree with 3 about the air-compressers-for-hand-dryers. it almost seems dangerous, like my skin is coming off!
    and Relient K’s song forget and not slow down has been stuck in my head since it started playing on the radio so i sure hope the rest of the album is just as good!
    ps-episode of the office with parkor? lol andy…

  4. PARKOR! haha

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