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Alright lets try this for the 3rd time… sooo my computer hates me pretty much. My beloved laptop is pretty much on its death bed 😦 The battery does not work any longer and the power connection if touched ever so slightly will kill power to the computer. So while i carelessly type away many attempts at blogging any given second it could shut off, which has happened to me 3… count it..3 times. Its always a bummer cause i like to watch movies on the road and ill be in the middle of a flick and boom lights out. So if anyone out the would like to donate their lappy toppy to Justin of Philmont. I would greatly appreciate it.

Now that thats out of the way… the Philmont gang is home for only a few days then we head back out on the tour. The shows have been cool so far. The other band (NineBall) are a group of really awesome guys. Each one are hilarious and great to hang out with. The King of Kings Skate Ministry are really gnarley…( If that means cool ?) group of guys. They are great at what they do and let me, Scott and our bud Josh skat e their ramps!

So really pumped about The Office starting up tomrrow!!! Even more stoaked that LOST comes on the SyFy network every night at 1am playing old seasons.

So like I said Justin needs a laptop, but more importantly if you can help we need your prayers for safe travel. Thanks to everyone out there. We love you all!

Also I hereby change my name to Samsy,

– Samsy


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