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Shall We Review?…Nah!

So putting out a record can be very hard at times.  On one hand it’s great to share these songs and this music with people who really enjoy it but on the other hand this is our baby and we’re putting it out there for public scrutiny.

So far we’ve been stoked on the response from our fans.  It seems like everyone’s genuinely glad to have some new Philmont tunes!  We recorded the songs for the full-length over a year ago and we were anxious to get them out so that’s the good part.  The bad part is the nay-sayers.  I hate reading what the critics have to say about our music and our records.  It was the same way with the EP but it’s hard not to read them!  For example, if someone wrote a note about you saying what they really thought about you as a person and mailed it to you would you just toss it away?  It may be something good, or bad but either way, curiosity would get the best of you.  It’s the same way with reading record reviews.

Honestly, I like criticism.  (correction, constructive criticism)  I have a core group of friends and family who I trust to always be brutally honest with me.  I think as a songwriter (and as a person) if you can take criticism that’s a great thing.
But it’s hard to hear what some random dude with a christian music blog has to say about our record.  So what if people think we sound too much like Relient K (honesty that’s flattering) or if our songs are too immature—we didn’t write the songs for the critics we wrote them for you guys.

When our EP first came last summer I remember googling Oh Snap reviews and then reading what the critics had to say.  Honestly, it bummed me out a good bit (all of us actually)–not that it was all bad but as a new artist you want everyone to love you and I guess we were looking for some sort of validation from the industry folks. But it’s pretty impossible to try and please everyone.

At the end of the day, we’re passionate about what we do and who we are and I honestly think that comes across and I’m happy about that.  I love doing what we’re doing and as long as you guys keeps supporting us the way you have, we’ll keep putting out music!



  1. You had better keep making your music! I don’t remember how I found out about you guys (probably myspace, but I can’t be sure), but I fell madly in love with your tunes and downloaded “Oh, Snap!” off iTunes immediately; I also bought “Attention!” the day it came out. Not everyone is going to like your music, but rest assured that some of us do, and we don’t want you to stop! 🙂

    • TheonethingIhaveleft
    • Posted September 13, 2009 at 6:40 PM
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    I’m glad to hear that you are going to keep making new music,You are one of the greatest bands I ever heard. I already cant wait for your next CD. If you keep making music like you have been, with great lyrics and a great message. You will make many people happy. I know it would make me happy. Keep Rocking =)

  2. Wow did you check they were positve about your ep and relient k is a great band so bless y’all!

  3. Which one of the band members wrote this? Hey, don’t worry. You guys are incredibly talented and your lyrics are genius! It often takes time for the masses to catch up!

  4. i remember reading a review like that somewhere…but i TOTALLY and COMPLETELY disagree. i LOVE you guys. and i happen to think that you’re songs are very deep and also easy to relate to. so, keep up the good work! love ya!

  5. I think you guys have Awesome music and most importantly I think you can see in your band that its completely God center and you guys are awesome believers and musicians…So keep doing what your doing!! because there are tons of people that absolutely love what your doing!

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