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Our great friend, Matt Arcaini (who produced Philmont’s song “The Ascension”) was kind enough to loan me the new Snow Leopard operating system for macs today. It’s pretty great and I definitely recommend the upgrade. My computer is so much more faster, efficient, and conserves much more space than before. Pick it up if you’re in the mac pack. I’m sorry. That was lame…

We are currently in Ohio, hangin in a hotel about to go to sleep. I apologize for the blog being a day late. There is no excuse and I have failed you all. Please forgive me. Tomorrow starts the beginning of the Rev tour, our first headlining tour as a signed band. We’ll be hittin the road with bands Nineball, Magellan, and the King of Kings skate team. Should be a good time. Check our myspace for more details and if we’ll be in your area or not.

We’ve had a productive past week (minus the trailer breaking down). My favorite day of last week being our show in Toledo, OH with House of Heroes and This Beautiful Republic, both incredibly talented bands and good friends. Not only was it a great lineup but Toledo, OH may be our favorite place to play as a band. The crowd is always wild. I mean, wild! It’s great. We always feed off of the crowd’s energy which overall makes for a more enjoyable experience for us. Thank you, once again, Toledo!

Java Monster energy drinks are out of control delicious. Why have you been hiding from me?

I’ve been listening to a lot of good music recently. Here are some recent albums I recommend.

Abandon – Searchlights

David Bazan – Curse Your Branches

The Myriad – With Arrows, With Poise

Owl City – Maybe I’m Dreaming

Paper Route – Absence

Give ’em a listen. Good night.



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  1. Apology accepted 🙂 My dad is going to see you guys next month at Lifefest… Without me 😦 Hope you guys have tons of fun on the Rev tour!

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