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25641731-aeec81bea52ca8f173ac5686a33e1089.4a946618-scaledI’m trying to type this as I play Halo 3 with the guys so bare with me if my thoughts are a little scattered. We’re currently in Chicago staying with the wonderful Hill family who have taken us in for a few days into their lovely home. 

Here’s a recap:

Holland was once again fantastic. Nestle Lion bars are my new favorite candy bar and I wish our Fanta sodas were real fruit juice (or at least taste like it) just like in Holland. My view from the stage as we played main stage at the Flevo Festival was a dream come true. Quite an experience. Thank you to everybody who came to support us. 

Our full length, Attention, is finally released! Do you have it? What do you think about it? I think it’s great. 

We are currently on tour. Our first headlining tour to be exact. It’s a new experience that we’re not quite used to. On the way up to Chicago, we had a run-away tire on our trailer. By run-away, I mean that it completely separated itself from the trailer and decided to take it’s own route down the highway. It could have been a real bad situation, safety wise, but God protected us and our gear. It was a bad situation, however, convenience wise. We had to scramble to get a U-Haul trailer and transfer of all of our gear into it so we could make it to our destination on time. It was a good thing we left a day early because we made it just in time to load out and play a show. 

We had a fun day off in Chicago today. Last year when I was visiting a friend in Chicago, we went to a pizza place called Lou Malnati’s that rocked my world. It was the best pizza I had ever had. So today, we all got to eat there as a band. This place, in my opinion, still holds the crown for best chicago style pizza. Out of control delicious. We walked around Navy Pier a bit then hung out in a pretty sweet park. For the remainder of the day we’ve just been takin’ it easy and resting up for the tour ahead. Good times. 

Last week my best friends from home and I had a Pete and Pete marathon (The greatest show in Nickolodeon history). It was very nostalgic and took me back to my childhood. If you need a refresher, or if you perhaps have never even heard of the show, take a look. 

Later on my friends,




  1. Your show was amazing @Flevo !!
    For me, you were deff the best ! 😀

  2. lol! wow that Pete and Pete intro is so hardcore 90’s. I think my clothes got grungier just watching it. Brought back the good ole days tho. Looking forward to your show in Cary! hopefully no runaway tires from now on….

  3. I’m soooooo glad you reminded me of Pete & Pete! I remember watching that forever ago and it made me miss it…
    ahh childhood memories 😀

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