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Hi everyone, Justin here… Our full length album is out!!! ahh im so excited. We love getting feed back about how people are taking to our newly released project. Its an incredible feeling to hear a positive response like so many of you have. You guys make us happy pretty much! Keep doing what you do and get Attention if you havent!

Whew Holland was AMAZING again!! Flevo Fest was one of the coolest events I’ve ever been apart of. During our mainstage slot we ended a song and no lie the lake behind the front of house, a hot air balloon was slowly drifting pass. I could have thrown a football I mean futbol to the passengers inside. We had a great time hanging with and making new friends with the locals and other bands. Philmont cant wait to get back thats for sure!

So in about 8 hours I have to be on the highway headed to Charlotte to start a busy September of shows. Packing for tours is always stressful and I always feel like im forgetting something. It usually takes me about 2 days to completely get packed depending on how long were gone. So all my clothes are cleaned and packed tightly and stowed away in my trunk till morning.

Till next time folks, we’ll be on the road. Hopefully somewhere near you!!



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  1. Justin the cd is amazing i love it can’t really pick a favorite song yet and I have it almost a week now haha the whole cd is my favorite there that works lol


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