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[<—I thought of that title a while back, and was saving it for the next Holland trip.  You better laugh at it!]

For those of you who read this blog, you probably noticed that we have missed the past week of posts.  But you are smart people, so you probably inferred that this was due to the fact that we have been overseas with very limited internet access!  Pat yourself on the back for your deductive reasoning skills.  Here we go…

Obviously it has been a huge week in the grand scheme of Philmont’s existence.  We played Main Stage on the final night of one of the biggest European Christian music festivals there is, and (drum roll) our debut album was released!  It’s been a week of anxious excitement, sleep-deprived diversion, frenzied scurrying, exhausted anticipation, thrilling realization, and at the end of it all, a blissful sense of accomplishment.  We have taken a huge step as a band and as individuals.

I will allow my colleagues to elaborate on the events of the Flevo Festival in the Netherlands.   But I will point out one of the highlights of the festival for myself.  I’m not sure how many of you will be able to relate to this, but on the 2nd day of the festival, we were taken by surprise standing by Main Stage watching shows.  A band called October Light was scheduled to play next, and we had never heard of them, but we had nothing better to do.  Sidestage, we see the members of the band preparing to go on stage.  6 guys dressed in matching shirts/ties, and a bald frontman in a suit/blazer.  I recognize this man.  This man is Matt “Mojo” Morginsky, formerly of the O.C. Supertones!  Before I had time to gather my thoughts and formulate a theory as to what was going on, the band rushed on stage and busted into the quintessential Supertones classic “Supertones Strike Back.”  Live horns, gang vocals, ska to the max.  It was perfect.  I couldn’t believe my ears/eyes/everything.  I had loved the Supertones growing up; my first band covered several of their songs, and I had many a rap verse memorized.  So, as Mojo explained between songs, the other 6 guys are what make up the band October Light, and he has decided to join them and tour around as a new band that specializes in Supertones songs.  The sound was so full and tight, it was amazing to hear all those old songs in this setting.  They played pretty much all my old favorites, as well as a couple of new songs they had written together (which were actually quite good).  Best show of the week for me, by a long shot.

The next morning at our quaint Dutch hotel, this experience was supplemented by me walking downstairs to the lobby and seeing Mojo and all of October Light gathered around a small table having an in-depth Bible study / theological discussion.  As I sat nearby reading my book and waiting on our driver to arrive, I couldn’t help overhearing bits and pieces of their dialogue, and in their words I could pick up a true desire for deep Scriptural comprehension.  These guys were the real deal, and that is very inspiring.  In the Christian music industry, you would be surprised how many artists’ only visible relation to God is in their lyrics.  We in Philmont have been several times disappointed in the behavior and conversations of fellow Christian bands, and have made it a point to not let ourselves ever seem that way to other Christian bands.  We try our best to have Bible studies and pray before every show; and while there are occasions where scheduling and hurriedness preclude our ability to do so, it is something that we all feel strongly about.  I’m starting to feel like I’m bragging now, so I will move on; but the point is, it is very refreshing to see performers who have been performing for years and years who still hold fast to their commitment to God and His Word.

Perhaps the 2nd greatest surprise of this week happened upon our arrival back into the States.  When we landed in Newark airport, we all turned our cell phones on for the first time in a week, ready to sort through the many texts and voicemails we were bound to have waiting for us.  We landed on Tuesday, so our album had released that morning.  Justin received a picture message from his girlfriend with a shot of our CD “Attention” sitting on a shelf at Best Buy!  In conversations with the label/management, we did not get the feeling that Best Buy was going to be picking up the record, and we had accepted that; imagine our excitement!  Further reports from friends have confirmed the CD to be available at Best Buys all over NC.  We have yet to hear from anyone outside of NC who purchased it at BB, so if any of you have seen it there or are making a trip there soon, please let us know! 

This is a very long post!  Gotta stop now!  The other guys will fill in the details on Holland!  Three songs!    
– Josiah

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:

  1. “Pain” by This Beautiful Republic
  2. “Feels Like Rain” by Motion City Soundtrack
  3. “Broadway” by Goo Goo Dolls


  1. My brother will be excited to hear about October Light! He was a big O.C. Supertones fan.

    I bought Attention on Tuesday! I love it and can’t wait to hear more from you guys and eventually see you all in concert. : )

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    • Posted August 29, 2009 at 7:32 PM
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    I think that is so cool how you guys try to have bible studies and prayer before each show. I know what you’re talking about with the other bands. So many bands I have found that say they are “Christian” but most of their lyrics don’t even mention anything about God or the Christian life. When I found you guys about a year ago, I was amazed when I read your lyrics. You are one of the only modern Christian Punk/Rock bands that I have found that have good lyrics. I always try to recommend you to all my friends. Keep up the good work on your music and lyrics, they are both great. P.S. I love Attention, I have been counting the days for like 4 months, so glad its out now.

  2. I was tracking back and reading y’all’s older blogs, back before I knew who you were and saw this one. I just wanted to comment on your comment that “In the Christian music industry, you would be surprised how many artists’ only visible relation to God is in their lyrics.” I wanted to say that I agree with this, and it’s sad. That is one reason I’ve been SO impressed with you guys in Philmont. You DO let your relationship with God show through…not JUST with your lyrics but with your lives. It has been a blessing to me to see that, because I don’t often see it. In South Dakota, I noticed you guys praying right before your set, it was phenomenally awesome to see!! I prayed too at that point, for you guys. Anyways, I’m rattling on, but I wanted you all to know that (even if at times, you feel very un-Christian-like)! So thanks very much, for being Christian examples, not only as individuals, but also in the music industry.

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