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Today’s theme is ‘Short & Sweet’.

Had a couple of cool shows this weekend.  Saw familiar faces from festivals past.  Continued debuting new live setup.  Broke down for 2nd week in a row.  Read Kurt Vonnegut book.  Hung out with our friends Abandon.  Turned Justin into carnival booth who draws Sharpie tattoos for donations.  Was two feet away from Michael Tait.  Enjoyed some Japanese beverages.  Got pumped for our trip back to the Netherlands this week.  Witnessed failed attempt at a homemade soda-bottle bomb.  Saw District 9 at midnight.  Hung out with our friend Nick Joyce.  Made new friends.  Read Glenn Beck book.  Enjoyed some free Mexican food.  Rocked new Showbread record, a lot.  Slept too little.  Played Halo too much.  Hung out with our friends Addison Road.  Sold out of Philmont drumsticks.  Overpaid for a Bloomin’ Onion.  Won Halo too much.  Hung out with our friend Tim Byrne.  Attention in 9 days.  Remember the band Nine Days?  Going to the beach tomorrow. 

This is not the way I normally blog, obviously.  Just thought I’d try it out.  Lots of info, not lots of space!  Seriously, get Showbread’s new album “The Fear of God”; they are a consistently great band, in my opinion.  We have a very busy week ahead, keep us in prayer as we fly to Holland on Wednesday and perform three times over there!  We are very excited!

You are wonderful people.  3 songs for you.  Adieu.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:

  1. “I Think I’m Going To See You” by Showbread
  2. “Repeaterbeater” by Mew
  3. “Song For the Broken” by Abandon


  1. I’ve heard Kurt Vonnegut is fabulous, but I’ve never read any of his stuff. Soon I will. Suggestions?

    I’d like a sharpie tattoo.

    I also made a homemade soda bottle bomb this week, but it didn’t fail. Was pretty sweet, actually.

    Excited for “Attention.”


  2. I’ve only read Slaughterhouse Five so far, but it was really good! You can probably convince Justin to tattoo you at the next show you come to….


  3. Well I’ll see what I can do about reading that then… 🙂
    The next show I come to… well if you guys decide to play in Japan sometime from late January to mid-May I can see you then (which you totally should), or you could come to University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire (my school)… actually I could probably get you a show at UWEC if you want; I’m on the university concert committee. ^_^

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