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Hi friends, Moms and loving supporters! I don’t think we fully express our gratefulness enough for every single one of you who come out to shows and just brighten our day with goodies. We appreciate you so much!

Okay, So we had an exciting (not) rest stop stay the other day on the way to Marietta, GA from Dallas. Todd was driving and I glanced out of the side view mirror and saw our trailer tire/axle smoking. Luckily we weren’t too far from a rest area… So after all of us taking a look at the tire we determined it was not going flat but the axle or wheel casing was….destroyed. All of this occurring during the hottest part of the day. So we found a business card for roadside assistance and had the feller on his way to help us. We were so stressed and worried the entire time about whether we could still make it to Georgia in time for our show. Our help finally arrived by the name of “Byrd”, he was a great guy and started tackling the destroyed bearings inside the trailer wheel. While we were all out in the blazing heat of Alabama, a fellow band by the name of NeedtoBreathe randomly stopped at the same rest stop as us. We met a few of the guys and they were really cool and have a sweet shuttle bus that Bernie will become one day. After a few stressful hours and a lot of phone calls reassuring our arrival. We were fixed and on our way with a Monster energy drink can as a temporary axle cap. We payed Byrd, said our g’byes and rushed to load in for our show about 4 hours late.

But thanks to all the prayers we had a great evening and a lot of fun. The show went great and hung out with some awesome people.

I believe we head to the Netherlands next week so were super pumped to go back! Be sure to keep us in your prayers!

Sweet dreams,


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  1. woohoo, can’t wait to see you next week!! 🙂

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