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Hey guys guess what I will NOT be telling you about in my blog?!?! Our new live show and/or record! To be filled in on these items read the last dozen we’ve posted! Instead I’ll be addressing the issues from last nights show in Arlington where we judged the battle of the bands.

As you may or may not know, we judged/performed at a battle of the bands in Arlington, TX at Dreamworld last night. I had heard from a friend who plays music in the area that the club used to be a great Christian music club that was sold, went down hill, but was then purchased by the original owners and remodeled. So as you can imagine when we were loading in yesterday I was a little shocked to see that there was a full-service bar!

Now let me stop here and state that I don’t have a problem with playing secular venues or shows with secular bands. I feel like Christian bands have great potential to reach people in these environments. We’ve always said we’ll go where God calls us! That’s not the problem- the problem is that parents have a certain set of expectations when sending their 14 year old daughter off to a Philmont show and these expectations typically don’t include drink specials and an onslaught of profanity from the stage. Unfortunately last night’s show did not meet those expectations and I spent a good portion of the night apologizing to some of the parents. I hate that.

I always try to give the heads up to our fans (and parents of fans) if we’re going to be playing in a bar or any type of environment that some youth groups would deem inappropriate to make a church-sponsored trip out of. I was not given that heads up this time and therefore was not able to pass the info along.

After talking with our management later and discussing the situation it came out that the show was pitched to us at a “Christian Show” to be promoted by the local Christian station—-not entirely accurate as we (and some of you) found out the hard way.

While I wish I could say we won’t let this happen again, the truth is, sometimes we can’t avoid it. No matter the environment we will always be ourselves onstage- speaking about what we believe in and trying our best to lead by example. I just hope the people that did stick around last night were able to be encouraged by that.

As always, thanks for your support!


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  1. You guys handled it all with the love of Christ shining through!
    Everything that went on was nothing compared to the blessing and AMAZING performance!!
    You guys poured your hearts out!
    As a parent was able to use it and explain to my daughter that Jesus went to the people that well meaning people thought weren’t worth their time.
    He showed them love and that’s what you guys did.. while it wasn’t the best environments for kids… you were an incredible example of Jesus’ love for others.
    It was also an opportunity to show her how we as Christians can be in the world but not of the world.
    Thank you for being such a blessing as a band and as a bunch of awesome guys on fire for God.
    God amazes me… may i never cease to be amazed!!
    big hugs and high 5’s!!
    your friend,

  2. What a witness. Glad to hear that you still played and shared the message of Christ in your music.

  3. Its terrible how christians are never concidered and how people dont care to do things agianst your beliefs around you. People have no respect. I will deffinately be praying for this so called ‘christian station’. Im glad you guys didn’t let that get you down and you still got the message out there! You are great role models!

    Your in my prayers!
    God Bless!

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