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Good afternoon, friends.  First off, I would like to wish my brother Micah a happy 19th birthday.  Partypartypartypartypartypartyparty!

Tonight we are playing a show in Arlington, Texas (right between Dallas and Fort Worth), but this is no ordinary show.  This will be the first show at which we utilize our “new setup.”  We’ve all mentioned it recently, but we haven’t given you the whole rundown, so here we go.

The biggest difference between the new show and the old show is that you will no longer see Scott Taube with a guitar on his shoulder, and you will no longer see Justin Sams with a bass in his hands.  “OMG did lyke, both those guyz quit?!?”  No no, silly.  Philmont decided that our live show could reach new heights if Scott wasn’t tied down to his guitar for the whole set, so he will only be singing from here on out.  So we were like, “Hey Justin, you played guitar in your old band, would you rather stick to bass or take Scott’s guitar?”, and he was like “Magheuahwodkaropp eidhaa”, which in Justin’s native tongue means “Guitar sounds good”. 

All this lead us to the need for someone to play bass for us at shows.  We really wanted someone who we already knew, who could learn the stuff quickly, and who would add to our stage presence.  So now, after a couple of phone calls and a couple of practices, our friend Josh Guion (formerly of Charlotte band Friday Never Counts) will be helping us out with the bass guitar at all of our shows! 

Other new things you will see/hear at the new Philmont show include the following.  New intros and loops.  New instrumentations.  Animals*.  Philmont songs that we have never played before.  New cover songs.  Our new album “Attention”**.

*The viewing of animals is strictly limited to any and all Philmont performances taking place at the local zoo.

**Not until August 25th!  But you better have your calendar marked already!

The bottom line is: please check our Myspace on a regular basis to see where we are playing a show, and then come to it, because you will have a swell time.  We love seeing familiar faces when we play.  AND if you are not following us on Twitter yet (PhilmontRock), do that, because we are going to start doing a lot of easy contests to win tickets to our shows and stuff.  Follow me, too (josiahp).

Have a really good week.  Josiah.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:

  1. “Blur” by Anchor & Braille
  2. “Time of the Season” by The Zombies
  3. “The Other Side of the Crash” by Thursday


  1. Thanks for the update Josiah. Hope things are going well on the road. Seems like i’m able to stay connected more through this blog. Ya’ll are doing a great job at it.

    wow haisoj.
    you really outdid yourself this time.
    the third paragraph was pure GOLD.
    i still can’t stop laughing.
    i have only positive things to say…for once.
    good job loser-face.

    <3luisa l.

  3. YES! For the anchor&braille shout out! Stephen’s vocals are absolutly amazing. “blur” is prob my favorite song off that record. “you can’t raise a sinner, and it’s not me but honesty that’s died.” prob my all time favorite lyric he’s ever written.

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