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Hello again blog buddies. As Justin stated, we have indeed been busy at work in the studio practicing our new awesomely mind-blowing set. Be prepared to have an amazing life changing experience the next time you decide to come to a Philmont show. There, you have been warned. 

Our return to The Netherlands is quickly approaching and I can’t wait. We’ll be overseas a little longer this time so we’ll have more time to hang out with some new fans. We’ll be playing at the Flevo Festival along with some other fantastic acts. Hope to see you there! We can’t wait to meet you all. 

I’m reading a pretty interesting book these days called “This is Your Brain on Music”. The books dives into the huge impact music has on us as humans and the brain. The author covers a lot of interesting issues, such as…

-How composers produce the most pleasurable effects of listening to music by understanding the way our brains make sense of the world

-Why we are so emotionally attached to the music we listened to as teenagers

-That practice, not talent, is the driving force behind musical expertise

-How little jingles get stuck in our heads

Other fascinating points I read…

-Every part of the brain is put to use while listening to and understanding music, as opposed to a specific area for speech, movement, memory, etc.

-It’s harder for a person over 20 to learn an instrument rather than a child because the brain is done developing. 

-Memory and music work together and play off each other, which explains why hearing a song you haven’t heard in years triggers a lost memory that takes you back to that specific place and time. 

-How amazing it is that the brain can recognize a melody in varying forms and arrangements. 

-Music is an all-natural stimulant and can be a natural high 

All in all, a pretty good read. It’s also given me a greater appreciation of the God we serve and how amazing of a gift music is. Additionally, how incredibly complex the brain is and how the human mind works. What an amazing creator. 

Heading out to Texas tomorrow than driving through the night to make it to Georgia the next day. Pray for safe travels for the band, both this week and when we travel back overseas. 

ttyl lol jk g2g 4reals 



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  1. cool!! I wrote about that in my blog…you should check it out and comment *heehee*

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