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First off let me apologize for blogging a day later than usual. We’ve been on the road and well, to be honest, posting this week kinda slipped my mind! But I’m only a day late so go easy on me!

I’m fairly exhausted right now but I wanted to get my blog posted for you faithful fans before heading to bed. Today was Philmont’s first band practice in probably 7 months! We’re so used to playing the same songs and the same set that it’s pretty much become second nature so practice kinda became obsolete! Well now we’re working on a new tour set with some new songs, new cover songs and some exciting new additions to the show! We’re very excited to share all this fun stuff with you guys so you’ll have to make it a point to come see us when we’re on tour this fall.

One thing being added is a new song called “Where to Start” this song will be on our debut full-length “Attention” available on August 25th and will also be our next radio single (to be released in the next week or two!) If you have a Christian station in the area be sure and call in to request it! After much demand for a live version of “Another Name” we’ve decided to start playing it! We put a lot of work into it and it’s a unique stripped down version of what’s on the record. I hope you’ll enjoy it cause we’re pretty darn excited about it.

Another new thing is that Philmont has discovered the wonderful world of VidTweets! If you have a twitter be sure and follow us @PhilmontRock to catch some fun and interesting 30 second video clips from the road!

I do apologize if this blog has come off as a huge advertisement for our new record, single, live show and twitter! That being said…allow me to keep plugging:

I got bills to pay…how does this affect you? You have the opportunity to own a piece of history my friends! I’m trying to sell Philmont’s first van. His name is Derick and he’s a sturdy Dodge Ram 1500 conversion van. If you’re interested in maybe buying him or know of someone who is, please email me at (serious inquiries only please!) On top of that I’m also selling one of my first guitars. It’s a red American Fender Stratocaster! If you want this band boy please visit my eBay auction and place a bid! (pls don’t ask me to sell it outside of eBay…that’s just not fair!) Find it here:

Well I love you all and I leave you with this- my second installment of Going Postal with Scott!


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  1. I can’t wait to hear the single!!! I’ll definatly be requesting it. Too bad you guys aren’t coming anywhere near me : ( I really need to be able to drive!


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