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Hello. I don’t have too much to say today. We’ve had some down time so I, like Justin, have also returned from the beach. Which got me thinking. Last weekend I went to the mountains of North Carolina (Boone, NC) to hang out with some old college buddies. Then this past weekend I headed to the coast of North Carolina (Wilmington, NC) to hang out with family and visit my girlfriend. That’s the great thing about ol’ N.C. that a lot of us North Carolinians take for granted. We’ve got both majestic mountains and beautiful coastline, all within hours of each other. Thank you, North Carolina, for being so accommodating. 

My girlfriend, Sara, has been working at a summer camp this summer down at the beach. So I went down to visit and to celebrate our two year anniversary. (For those who despise mushy stuff, skip this paragraph). The summer camp, Camp Caswell, is a very special place for us because it’s where we first started dating, back two years ago, when I was on summer staff with her. It was a good feeling to be down at the beach where it all began and think back on how far we’ve come. We started dating a few months before I joined Philmont so she’s been on this crazy ride with me since the beginning and I’m very thankful for her. 

If you’re ever in Charlotte, NC, make sure to visit the restaurant, The Penguin. It’s is delicious and you will not regret it. Best fried pickles in the South. 

By the time you’re reading this, we will have been well on our way up north to New Hamshire for a festival. Then on our way back down we’re hitting up another festival in Pennsylvania. Busy Busy. 

Until next time, 




  1. The Penguin is awesome. Those fried pickels make my mouth water they are so good.

    I’m praying as ya’ll travel. Good luck at the festivals. Thanks for starting a blog. Now I can stalk ys’ll more and more. haha j/k, but it’s great to know whats going on in ya’lls lives.

    I actually have a friend working at Caswell this summer, his name is paul shytle.

  2. I love NC too but it makes anywhere we travel take SO much longer!Half of our trips are through NC.

    Like Brian, I’m praying for you guys as you travel and play.


  3. NC is epic. 3 hours from the beach, 3 hours from the mountains… and in between…such beautiful scenery at all days of the year. I love sitting back, seeing what god has created! NC is the best state ever!

    This got me thinkin’…you guys should totally rock the state fair. That would be awesome.

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