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Hello friends!

Justin here… Philmont is off the road for a few days and luckily I got the chance to join my loving girlfriend Elizabeth and her family at the beach. Topsail Island to be exact, its a small island located near Wilmington. The weather is lovely and the sand is more than abundant. I do have to drive back all by myself to be back in time for our trip to New Hampshire, really looking foward to that!

As Josiah has said, we are redoing a lot in the band and its going to be exciting. The live show will be new and exciting. So all of you be sure to come check it out sometime in the near future.

Gotta give a shoutout to all the new peeps we met at Sonshine fest in Minnesota. We had such an amazing time and met so many cool people. Its such a great festival cant wait to get back next year.

Hope you guys got the chance to read, well all of our blogs, but Todds recent. It was a bible study that Philmont did the other day and it was really great.

Well im going to enjoy movie night and look out over the ocean…

take care err’one!



  1. We loved meeting you guys at Sonshine! Thanks for allowing us to interview you for our book.

  2. woohoo!! topsail is awesome!! haha I love how you guys live in NC like me…so I know the places you guys are talking about!! SHWEET!!! xD l8r guys!

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