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We’ll after an exciting couple of days in the Midwest me and the Philmont boys are back home for a week or so before hitting the road again.  For me, home has become a complicated word over the last couple of years.  At times being in my bunk on our little bus makes me feel at home- especially at festivals.  When we’re not on the road home becomes a mix of Charlotte (where my parents live) and Atlanta (where Britt’s parents live).  *After our first year of marriage Britt and me moved out of our apartment and moved back in with my parents so that we could afford to hit the road together with the band.

When we’re out on the road a lot of times we get to stay with family and friends and they do an amazing job making us “feel at home” but I guess it’s weird not to have a definite home base.  For me home as become more about the people than the actual place.  I’m very blessed to have Britt on the road with me so it’s not often we have to say goodbye to each other and I think that helps me cope with our nomadic, gypsy lifestyle!
–Just something I was thinking about!

I know I promised a video this week but, alas, I have failed you!  I’m good for it I promise!
To add a third side to the coin Josiah discussed in his blog yesterday, we’re working with the label right now to release 5 music videos with our record!
(5 you say?  Yes 5!)  Here’s the plan- subject to change – on August 25th our record “Attention” will be available for $7.99 on iTunes (that’s 12 tracks people!) but when you buy that record we’re gonna give you 5 free music videos!  BAM!  They will be for the following songs:  The Difference, Another Name, I Can’t Stand to Fall, My Hippocratic Oath and Back Down.  The videos will also be for sale individually for $1.99 each.
This is the deal of the century people!  And we’re super excited to share these videos with you as we made them all by ourselves!
So tell your friends and pick up the record in August!

Until next time (something clever)


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