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So we as a band have this nasty little habit of blogging about the same stuff as each other.  Maybe it’s because we don’t read each others blogs before writing our own…I dunno.   So I can imagine that after I post this blog about this week’s Sonshine Fest you’ll read a couple more entries on it before the week is out!  Oh well, I guess it doesn’t hurt to be thorough.

Side note- Before writing this blog while riding in the bus I was annoyed by this new (and very loud) squeak in the dashboard.  I fixed it by “Fonzing” it.  This method worked so well I figured I had to share it with the world.  When something stops working and you don’t have the know-how or patients to actually fix it you can try to “Fonz” it.  To perform a “Fonz Fix” simply make a fist with your dominant hand, give the problem one good pound and simultaneously say “Ayyyyy”.  If this doesn’t work call a professional!  If you try to Fonz it again you’re simply trying to break it!  The real Fonz never needed a second swing!  Okay…Back to the blog…

So yesterday (Saturday) we played the Sonshine Festival in Willmar, MN (ironically enough…it was overcast).  But it was awesome!  The weather was fantastic- nice and cool temperatures make for great bus sleep (or as they say in Holland “Shleep”)  We played one of the side stages creatively named “Stage Two” at noon and we’re very excited to see a substantial crowd gathered in front!  We played a fun set to an energetic group of Minnisodians (??) then were asked to head inside for a signing.  Okay we thought, we had planned on hanging out at the merch table anyways, but when we got inside they directed us to a raised platform with a row of tables and chairs.  It felt very foreign to us!  Thank the good Lord there were actually kids lined up to get stuff signed!  Thank you all for saving us from a potentially awkward situation!  We spent the bulk of the day at the merch table chitty chatting with some new friends and playing a pretty intense game of war on the vacant table next to ours!
We wrapped up the evening by catching Relient K’s set on main stage.  The greatest thing about this festival was that they had catering for all of the artists located behind main stage!  (Why so great? Let me tell you)  This gave little bands like us access to the main stage which allowed me and the boys to slip (or as they say in Holland “shlip”) onto the side stage for Relient K’s set!  Best seat in the house!

After another nice cool evening at the festival we woke up this morning and are currently driving to Chicago to explore the city with some friends for the next couple of days!

I promise a new blog video from myself next week!  Gonna go edit Justin’s first installment of “Justin Eats Something Weird” right now so look for that early next week!
Until next time…”Ayyyy!”



  1. Just wondering why you’re writing those: “or as they say in Holland” pieces… Do we really pronounce it so badly? Can’t imagine it!! See you in a month 😀

  2. Sonshine was so much fun! The whole group i was with (about 15 people) went to see you guys and almost all of them hadn’t heard you before and they all loved you guys and went to get autographs!
    You guys are such a tight band and it was awesome getting to hang out with you guys!

  3. Okay- To be fair I only had one person at the hotel in Holland ask me “how did you shleep”. Most people that I met over there have near-perfect English…often times better than my own! Please sub each (or as they say in Holland) with (or as that guy from the hotel in Holland would have said)

    Love you Holland people! See you at Flevo!

  4. I wish I lived in Holland now! You guys really need to come to VA Beach!

  5. You’re right! Josiah was born in Virginia Beach, so we can pay homage to his birthplace as well.

  6. Awesome! I didn’t know that! I will be looking foward to that concert!

  7. hey! i just wanted to say that before i went to sonshine i had never heard of you guys. I mostly hung out by stage two because i wanted to check out the bands i didnt know to see if i liked them…you guys were definitely one of my favorites! tied for first with The Afters…so me and my friends went and talked to you guys and each bought a cd. And now i’m spreading the word to all my friends to check you guys out! I hope you guys play again there next year!!!

  8. Yeah Sonshine!!! That Saturday you played was actually my birthday, so it was pretty cool to see you guys play (I haven’t before, obviously since this was your first time in Minnesota) and meeting you guys afterwards, not at the signing booth but at the merch table. So THANKS for coming, come back soon!!!
    P.S. Why exactly did your album debut in Japan before the US???
    P.P.S. Since your album is out in Japan you should play a show there sometime between February and May 2010… I’ll be studying abroad there and I’d definitely come see you guys. ^_^

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