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First things first, I realize now that while I suggested a Beatles song in last week’s list of songs for you to check out, I forgot that none of the Beatles’ songs are available for online purchase!  Interesting, right?  When iTunes and Amazon became hotspots for legal music purchases, the Beatles’ label and distributors (as well as the remaining Beatles themselves) felt that 99 cents was far too inexpensive of a price for any Beatles song.  While I tend to believe that this would only encourage many people to illegally pirate the Beatles’ music, I do admire them for taking a stand on behalf of their timeless music.  Who knows?  Maybe with the release of the re-mastered catalog in September (as well as the recent move by Apple to increase select iTunes Store song prices to $1.29), some sort of negotiation could occur.

On the way to Sonshine Festival (Minnesota), we stopped at Mall of America, which was pretty fun.  That place has too much mall to fit in one day, in my opinion.  Anyway I did an episode of Droppin’ Knowledge there, so check it out at the bottom of this post!

We did a cool interview with a mother and daughter who are writing a book for high-schoolers on the brink of graduation and thinking about what to do with their lives after high school.  They had a lot of great questions that made us think (or me think, at least).  I think the two main differences between life in high school and life after high school are: 1) priorities, and 2) responsibility.  Priorities: what may seem so important in high school, you will probably realize doesn’t really matter in the long run.  People you “need” to impress and clothes you “need” to have and parties you “need” to be at; in a couple years you will be shaking your head because you didn’t need those things.  Responsibility: enjoy your relatively carefree living while you are in high school, and do not take it for granted, because after the cap and gown come off you will most likely begin the process of taking care of yourself and paying your own bills and thinking for yourself on a larger scale than normal.  High school may seem like kind of a drag sometimes, but looking back, it was freaking awesome!  Enjoy it, enjoy the friends you have, thank your parents for feeding you and housing you and buying you clothes and books and whatever.  That is all for that.

After Sonshine, we will be stopping in Chicago on the way home for a couple days to hang out with some friends and see the city.  Chicago is one of my favorite cities, and I’m glad we will be able to spend some time there. 

Alright I’m done.  Three songs.  Droppin’ Knowledge at the bottom.  Seabiscuit out.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:

1.  “You Have My Attention” by Copeland
2.  “Time I Understood” by Wavorly
3.  “Chapter 13” by +44


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  1. not gonna lie, the neverland ranch is wayyy better.
    haisoj, you fail…again.
    just kidding.

    <3luisa [aka cool kid]

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