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Good evening folks, Justin here. We just arrived right outside of Indiana, ever since we left at 9am this morning, where tomorrow we will be performing with Family Force5. Then we quickly have to pack up and head back home through the night for a show the next day. We’re back up here at Scotts grandparents lake house, they are so kind as to let us drop in and spend the night.

Anyone ever had the luxury of dining at Fazoli’s? Its a great Italian fast food chain and it is quite possibly the best place in the world. Thats where we ate earlier and we always get excited when we find a Fazoli’s. A couple hours later the bus is getting nice and cool and our bunks are tucking us in for a great nights sleep. Its time to get some sleep, because tomorrow is busy busy.

I promise my segment of “Justin eats something weird” will be up soon, I made my purchase of the worse sounding snack anyone has ever come up with. Stay tuned!!!



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