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So this weekend I was challenged with the task of transforming the band’s practice space back into my parent’s exercise room.

Some 4 years ago when my parents were out of town I moved all of their exercise equipment from their exercise room into their bedroom and set up all of the band gear in it’s place.  It was meant as a joke but up until this weekend it remained in there and became our official practice space!  Well, they recently bought an Elliptical Machine…you know, cause who doesn’t need an Elliptical Machine.  Along with this new toy and the empty promises to actually use it, came the demand for their exercise room back…I fought them long and hard on it.  Since it’d been months since the band actually used the room they argued that it was just becoming a space to house our band gear.  I responded with pretty much the same argument (substitute the word “band gear” for “exercise equipment”)  In the end the parental units played the infamous “My house, my rules” card and the argument was over.  I hung my head in defeat and began the long, slow and rather painful process of boxing up our vast collection of mics, cables, amps, footswitches and Nerf Gun Blasters to store under the house.

As I spent the day sorting through all this old music stuff I was flooded with memories of my first band and the very long road I’d traveled to get to where I am today.  The Lord has taken me on quite a journey over the last 6 years or so.  I’ve gotten to do things with music I’d only dreamed about as a kid bumbling through guitar lessons.  As I lugged the last 14,000 pound box out of the room I looked back and said a quick goodbye to the last 6 years of music then turned around and started heading towards the next 6 (God willing).



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